Monday, January 9, 2012

You're Welcome!

You will thank me.  I know you will because I have emailed, texted, fb'd and thanked in person my friend Christel for this little secret at least 62 times.  I have been looking for a secret like this for YEARS!

Anyone who has a glass shower door to clean is aware of the nightmarish water stains and mildew that quickly appear on the doors and walls.  A year and a half ago when we moved into this house with the shower that has 2 glass walls (that's how I'll refer to this house when I'm old) I was determined to keeps the new glass clean and shiny.  That went out the window very quickly and out came the comet, lime away, bleach and other harsh chemicals.  NOTHING worked.  It would be clean (bacteria wise), but not look clean.  

After Rhett got Kawasaki's disease I really desired to start using more natural cleaning products.  Kawasaki's has been rumored to be triggered by biological, environmental and chemical factors, and house cleaning chemicals are at the top of that list (thanks John Travolta and Kelly Preston).  This is widely disputed by doctors and researchers, but what kind of mom would I be to ignore rumors started by celebrities?!  

I was sharing the disgust of my shower with a friend and she shared her secret with me!  I honestly didn't think it would work.  I kid you not friends, this stuff worked SO well!  It's like a miracle.  I sprayed it on and left it for about 15 minutes.  I went back expecting to scrub with a brush and it seriously just wiped off with a wash cloth.  It was streaking brown water (yuck) down the glass and walls and it I couldn't believe it.  I moved on to the bathtub, sinks and faucets.  It worked so well on everything!  

Here you go...enjoy! 

In a spray bottle pour 1/4 Dawn soap + 3/4 white vinegar.  Shake it up and enjoy less cleaning time!  

If you have any other great little cleaning tips please share!  I love to hear what works and what doesn't.  


Alie said...

I use straight vinegar and newspaper on all glass/windows/mirrors and it's seriously a streak free shine every time. LOVE the stuff!

Aja said...

You've been holding out on me! Seriously glass doors are the worst!

Sharstin said...

that is fantastic--always love these tips!