Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this, that and a 3 month old..

It seems like we are in such a crazy season of life right now. So much is going on, and not much of it is avoidable.  It's just life.  Where we are right now.  It's fun, but goodness, it is busy.  The Holidays were no exception to the chaos.  Four days before Christmas, my sweet Grandma unexpectedly passed away (more on her later).  We got in the car and drove 11 hours to southern Indiana, with all three kids and snow storms all around.  It all turned out to be a wonderful time of remembrance of such an amazing life, and there is nowhere else I would have rather been for the Holidays.  It was a pretty special time.

Meanwhile, Hattie girl hit her 3 month B'day while experiencing her first ever road trip.  She had mixed feelings.  Most of the time she slept, and there were times (OH were there times) when she screamed her cute and tiny little head off.  We tried to pull over and hold her as much as possible.  All in all, first road trip with three littles was a success!

Month three has been SO much fun.  Hattie is so smily and happy.  She is cooing and talking all the time, and she lets out little laughs every once in a while.  So many times I will look down at her and she is just staring at me, waiting for me to engage her.  When I do she is so smily, wiggly and adorable.  She still loves to sleep on her tummy and has been sleeping better at night.  When we were in IN she slept 9 hours every night, without waking up.  It was a tiny Christmas miracle.

She is changing her looks quite a bit lately.  Her eyes seem bigger by the day and her cheeks, chubbier.  I have noticed some blonde hair growing in under the dark hair that she's managed to hang on to.  She still loves to hold her hands in fists, but has been opening them up a little more often this month.  She doesn't mind tummy time throughout the day, and is getting quite good at spinning herself around on her tummy mat.  She will spend up to 20 minutes in her swing now (beats the 3 minute max last month). She's got man toots.  I hear her tooting in the middle of the night sometimes and it startles me.  She has found her fists, and likes to chew on them, but still has zero interest in a pacifier.   She loves baths now and cries less in her carseat.  I find her looking at the T.V. when it is on, and I try to avoid that.  We have worked our way (naturally) into a little bit of a routine.

Eats around 7:00 am
Wake her back up to take Jude to school at 8:30
Feed her when we get home
Back to sleep for a few hours so mom can clean and do a Billy Blanks video
Tummy time and back time
More napping for an hour-ish
Lots of eating in between
Hang out with Daddy
Bed (whenever I can get her to sleep)

As you can see it is all very official:).

I have started the postpartum shedding of the hair this month.  Oh good heavens..I have so much hair.  It's so weird to see it shed like it does.  I also feel like I've gotten my face back this month.  Pregnancy face is the worst, and 3 months is a long time to wait to feel like yourself again.  Now, if I could just whip my body into feeling like "itself" again:).  I head back to the gym on the 1st, and I am very excited about it!

Here's my big chunky monkey 3 month old...

Okay, so she's not really chunky, but she is a little bit of a monkey;).

And here's a few more from the last few weeks...

And here's some cute little boy action...

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Happy 2013!!