Thursday, January 26, 2012

A sweet conscience

I have been so proud of Jude lately.  It's not anything that he's intentionally doing, but his sweet little heart has really been showing lately.

A few times I have heard him crying in his room at night.  Often quite a while after he's been tucked into bed.  I went upstairs to his room to find him sobbing with giant crocodile tears streaming down rosy cheeks. He confided in me that he took his coat off during recess at school even though he knew that he wasn't supposed to.  He told me he was really sorry about it and sorry that he didn't obey.  He didn't get in trouble by his teacher, he just knew he had done something wrong.

Last night I picked him up from his class at church and he ran over to me when he saw me, wrapped his arms around my legs and began to sob.  I got down to his level and asked what had happened.  I looked over to his teacher and she gave me and shrug and asked him what was wrong.  He pulled me over to a private corner and told me what had happened.  He explained that at the beginning of class he was rolling around on the ground with another child.  He accidentally bumped into her and she got upset.  He then told her that she talked weird (she's an adorable little black girl with some seriously adorable sass:).  He burst into more tears and said that he was so sorry for saying that to her and he was worried that it hurt her feelings.  She was in a different class at the time, otherwise I would have had him give her a hug and ask her to forgive him. Instead I hugged him and told him that I was so proud of him for being concerned with how his actions affect other people.  I shared with him that God sees what's in our heart and that God knew he was sorry.

I love this kid so much.  He is so stinking amazing!


Aja said...

I'm going to cry!! Sarah you have so much to be proud of. What a sweet, loving boy he is now and I can't wait to see the man he becomes. So tender hearted. He is just precious.

Megan B said...

Such a sweet boy :)

Sharstin said...

what a sweet post and amazing lil man~