Friday, October 11, 2013

A few little things..

The other day Rhett said, "Mom, I love myself.  I'm the best." He says this to us a lot, "Mom, I love you, you're the best!"  Even says it to his friends at school.  

Here is a preview at some of the other things that kid says that keeps us laughing..

"Mom, your hair is getting long, girl."
"Sometimes dads don't have hair, you know."
"I don't want to eat my potatoes you buffoon!"
"Is it time for everyone else to be nursed now?"
"Next week is whacky day at school, where we get to whack some people."
"If Hattie keeps turning the tv off we'll have to take her back to the hospital."  

On to Jude..

Jude's teeth are falling out like crazy.  He's lost 4 now, the front 4, and has a few loose teeth as well.  

Jude started having spelling tests a few weeks ago and he's doing great and likes to work on his spelling words.  100% on the last one.  

He's been playing awesome on the football field.  He's scoring touchdowns and stealing flags!

Jude's teacher is Presh.  I seriously love her.  She is one of a kind..a teach to remember, i think.  

Just a few things I wanted to record:).