Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inquiring minds want to know..

Tonight at dinner my boys wanted to know what we would have named them had we not named them Jude and Rhett.  It took a minute for me to remember a few of the choices, but then we had fun reminiscing about it, talking Jude out of wishing we would have chosen a different name, and laughing at some of the names, knowing our kids now.  So here they are..

Jude- Andrew (Drew) and Leopold (Leo)

Rhett- Malachi (Kai), Pierce, James (Jamie) and Graham

I really didn't want a shortened name for them, I like to call them by their actual names, but these were all pretty big contenders.  Rhett wasn't named until I was 9 months pregnant!  Thank goodness we chose the names we did.  I just couldn't see them being anybody else:).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

17 months, snow days and a project

Hattie is now seventeen months old!  Nearly a year and a half.  This past month flew by, but was a productive one.  Hattie is now saying June (Jude) and Rhe (Rhett) and many other new words as well.  When I read the Katherine Katz flip books to her she always responds with something that sounds like the right answer, inflection wise, and she knows just when to respond every time.  These are her very favorite books to read.  She is also still a huge lover of babies.  She sleeps with them now, and every time we go to get her out of bed she is sure to grab at least one or two to come along with us.  Her hair still seems to be at a stand-still. I've tried putting it into pigtails, but a lot of it ends up getting ripped out when she yanks on the rubber bands.  Since we are wanting more hair, and not less, I'm not fixing it until it grows and thickens up.  We found her first molar this month!  So, we are up to 7 teeth..yikes.  Come on teeth!  It's been a cold, cold winter.  We have been cooped up inside most days, and we are so looking forward to spring, and walks/runs, and playdates at the park or just running around in the yard. Hattie cries to go outside somedays.  She stands at the back door and points and cries:(.  She still loves bath.  She could be playing with the best toy in the world and we will ask if she's ready for bath and she will drop what she's doing and run to the bathroom.  More and more she's acting like a big girl and less like a baby.  She's learned to hang with the boys, and she's pretty tough because of it.  Not much scares or intimidates her.  

Love her to the moon!  

This is a step up from the stink-eye she's picked up somewhere!  

My favorite way she sits and drinks. 

A baby in one hand and truck in another.. a day in a baby sister's life. 

Let's go outside, guys.  

We found an easier way for her to carry her babies AND play!  

We had a few more snow days this week and we made the best of being at home.  We did meet up with friends for lunch one day, but ended up playing in the snow and finding things to do at home for the most part.  Jude shoveled snow off of the driveway for nearly 2 hours yesterday, while Rhett played imaginary games with his "guys".  I just love watching and listening to him play.  He's got the best personality, and he's never embarrassed for me to listen in on a conversation between Coey and Crog.  

Here are some action shots..

That kid on the left. Awesome sauce.  

Hot chocolate!!

Just playing with his "guys"

I think I've been cooped up too much this winter.  So much has changed around my house, but I love a good transformation that costs nothing.  I have been toying around with the idea of removing some kitchen cabinet fronts for a while.  After a consultation text to my friend, Aja, I decided to go with these…

I liked the fact that you had to be in the kitchen to see them, but they still bring an open feel to the room.  When I get a little more brave I may paint the inside, or even open some more on the other side. We'll see.  

Hope you all are staying warm!