Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Finished a great baseball season! 

Team devotionals 

                                                                        Cold treats

 Coveted date nights 

Sno Cones!!

4 teeth pulled :(

Outdoor story time and food truck Wednesday

Neighborhood swimming

Love her.

Picking Blueberries 

Cousin Camp (we were honorary cousins)

Teeth separated after just two weeks! 

My buddy

Trip to the Roaring River 

Completed the summer reading program

Homemade popsicles 

Art projects 


Pete, repeat and three-peat

sweet bubba 

Mom and Rhett date 

Crafts at the library 

Indoor trampoline fun


Rhett earned his swim band by swimming 25 meters without stopping! 



flowers for our sweet neighbors 

Missouri trip

farm girl

Apple Picking

Children's Museum

It has come and gone too fast.  I'm not ready for school, but the boys seem to be upbeat and excited about it!  Thankful for that!