Monday, November 19, 2012

Our new normal

Time seems to be moving so quickly.  We are in no shortage of activities and events at our house, and these events seem to keep things moving and busy around here.  Over the last few weeks I went back to the Chapel and coordinated a wedding, Aja, Laura and I participated in the fall Vintage Market Days event (which has left me with orders for growth charts to fulfill) and Jude's school is getting busier by the day.  I've also taken on several Christmas Pinterest projects to get ready for the Holidays up in here. I love it, but sometimes I just want to stop the clock.  It's like I look up and my kids are bigger every single day.  I just don't want to miss it surrounded by all of the 'busy' in our lives.  I know things have to happen in order to run this house, and things will get easier as Hattie grows and is more on a schedule, but I also don't want to wish these teeny tiny baby days away either.  I guess I just wish I was superwoman, and could do it all, all of the time...without any yelling or frustration or mental breakdowns and hormones cramping my style:).

Meanwhile, have I mentioned that these kids have grown?  Golly, Rhett seems like such a big boy, and Jude.. don't even get me started.  That kid is huge.  I bought him a size 13 shoe and size 6 (sniffle) jeans.  Rhett is in a size 10 shoe and 4 jeans.  Their hair is losing it's summer glow already and they are quickly turning into winter dirty blondes.  Soon they will be brunettes and we'll just talk about the days they were toe-headed.

I feel like so much has happened over the past several weeks.  We've been keeping some secrets and are getting excited to make some changes.  No, I'm not pregnant.  Good grief, can you imagine?!   More on that later.  For now here are some pictures to prove that I am raising giants.

Woody and Buzz... 

Last night Rhett said, "Mom, two friends are better than one.  Ecclesiastes 4:9".  I was blown away.  I'm so thankful our church is teaching my kids God's word.  Who knew he was able to memorize such things.  

Jude is learning to read and write.  I've been really impressed with how much he is learning at school.  He loves it and is really getting into art projects as well.  He could sit at the kitchen table and color, write and draw all day long.  

 Hattie's eyes are getting really blue and she's getting so long. She has been cooing and making sweet little noises this past week (week #7).  More on that with her 2 month post next week!

This baby loves to be on her tummy.  

Dallas and I have managed to squeeze in a few date nights lately.  Thanks to my mother in law for watching the kiddos.  We went to a super fun 80's prom for the Chapel with our friends, Jeremy and Christel.  It was so fun.

 The hair and makeup was a blast.  Jude asked me why I had "blue things" on my eyes.  Then he told me I looked pretty :).

Dallas, Hattie and I had a sushi date a few weeks ago that was much appreciated.  I love hanging out with Dallas and dreaming about our future over sushi.  It's just fun to have an adult conversation, really.  Hattie slept the whole dinner, and our waitress was likely less than thrilled that we sat there for two hours chatting.  Oh well.  

I have a giant list of things to do before Christmas.  One of them is coming up with some sort of anti-aging regimen (priorities, right?).  Have any of you tried Roden and Fields products?  I'm wanting to try the Reverse product line.  It's just so pricey and I don't know if it's worth it.  I have heard some good things.  

We are getting all geared up for Christmas decorating.  Scroogy McSgroogerson is making me wait until Thanksgiving night to put up the decorations, but that's okay.  That just gives me more time to make things more elaborate in my mental pin board.  I've got Christmas fever BIG time this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!   I hope you all have heaps to be thankful for this year!