Friday, June 28, 2013

Mid-summer shenanigans

Summer is in full swing and hotter than heck!  We are enjoying it in and soaking up all of it's steamy goodness.. 

Pool baby

Checking out the stars with the Hay girls.  Fun night of dad's talking politics and Back To The Future, moms chatting and sipping drinks and kids running through the sprinkler, playing tag and star-gazing.  Neighbor friends are the BEST! 

 So thankful for him and proud of him always! He is working on a men's devotional right now that I'm so impressed with. He is always striving to be a better Christian, husband and dad, and I really couldn't ask for more.  

Bowling (trying to do something other than swim all day every day) 

This guy lost his first tooth the first few weeks of summer.

This kid seriously can't get enough baseball.  He begs to work on skills nearly everyday.  AND he has such a good daddy to say yes every time and teach him all he needs to know.  Such a blessing for me to see this.  

4 hours in the car with three kids will make any man crazy;). Rhett thinks his eyes are crossed.  

Had a sweet visit with old neighbors on our trip to KC.  Miss them dearly.

Of course we visited the farmstead.

The boys had a fever for more cowbell.

And they rode a horse or two.  

AND...the whole reason we drove to KC..the Braves were in town!!  It was a great game, tons of fans and the Bravos won!  Such a fun trip.  

A few more updates complete in our house this summer.  New entry fixtures and kitchen backsplash. I've had so much fun adding my own personal touches to this house. The more I do, the more I get attached to it.  Up next..getting rid of my tuscan kitchen walls.  

July holds a lot of firsts for us.  We are so excited to enjoy the rest of this summer, spend time with family and travel a bit more.  It's turning out to be a great one!  We are having fun creating memories for our kiddos.  We've pledged to spend more time just enjoying simple things and our time together.  To remove distractions and activities that are unnecessary from our lives and really spend time with our kids.  To put our phones down and just enjoy.  So far so good!  

9 months

This growing girl is just so stinking cute.  I just love to hear her babble and laugh and make her silly little faces.  Her personality is coming out in full force and I do believe she's going to give her brother's a run for their money!

She is loving to clap for herself these days.  She'll do something spectacular and we say, "YAY Hattie!" and she immediately stops whatever she is doing and starts clapping for herself.  We now have a crawler (6/11)!  She spent about a week getting up on her knees and a few days rocking back and forth, and then it happened.  Arms and legs in sync, and away she went.  The same day she crawled for the first time she also pulled herself up onto a pouf in the living room.  She was raised up on her knees and talking away the entire time.  She now crawls all over the joint and pulls up on everything.  The boys have really enjoyed watching her accomplish these milestones.  Jude especially will come running to wherever I am with some declaration of something Hattie has done.  It's sweet to see them appreciate her in this way.  They are proud of their girl.

We also have a major water baby in the house.  Oh my goodness.  I thought my boys loved the pool, but this girl takes the cake!  She just can't.get.enough.  She kicks and splashes and squeals and tries to lunge out of my arms the entire time we are in the pool.  It's fun and a little exhausting.  Especially while I'm attempting to keep Rhett alive in the water at the same time.  Hattie seems to have similar skin issues as Rhett.  She has broken out all over her body in rashes.  I haven't decided if it's the sunscreen, the sun or the heat at this point.  We shall see.  It looks miserable when it happens.  We can't have a child allergic to the sun in this house;).

Hattie has become quite the good eater.  She opens wide and appreciates every bite of her food.  I do think she has a bit of a texture issue though.  She doesn't appreciate my homemade meals as much as I had hoped, so we've mostly served up organic plum and earth's best baby foods.  They are quite convenient too, I might add.

Hattie thinks that sign language is hilarious.  She will smile and giggle when I sign things to her.  I'm hoping she'll start picking up the basics soon.  Right now we are working on 'all done, more, please and thank you'.

At the beginning of the month she was still waking up at least twice a night.  Once around midnight and again around 4:30. This changed about half way through eight months, and now she's down to once a night or not at all!!

She's still been wearing 6 month clothing, and much of it fits just right.  9 months is too big on her, but I have a feeling we will run into a fit issue come cooler weather.  She's so long and skinny-legged.  She'll probably be a leggings girl for this reason..fine by me! She's still in a size 3 diaper.  She weighted 17lbs at her 9 months check up and was in the 25th% for weight and 75th for height.

We took a family trip this past week and this girl did amazing on the way to KC.  The way back was a different story.  Poor baby.  I'm still not sure how I plan to make it to IL on my own with all three kids next month.  We did switch out her carseat this week to the big Britax (rear-facing).  I thought it would be more comfortable for traveling and a little less hot.  She got so hot in that carrier!  Now that it's situated in the car, it's staying there.

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie

Yay Hattie!  

A few days before turning 9 months.  

This is how we roll.  At the pool many a days a week.  

My favorite little pincher fingers.  One of my favorite milestones.

Very 1st Braves game!  She loved it.  

Such a happy baby girl.

1st Father's Day!  

The months just get better and better.  It's hard to believe in just 3 months my girl will be a year old.  Sigh.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Martin Boy Update

Oh these little boys.  Do you ever feel like you are missing out on all of the goodness of your children? Because of busy schedules, to do lists, things to decorate, projects, the computer, do I.  Some days I feel so bad about the amount of time I actually poured into my children.  I'm so thankful for these little wake up calls.  That I can recognize the problem quickly and change my actions and priorities.  I have such a short amount of time with my kids.  So short.  I can worry about all of the other stuff later..seriously.

Look how big.

Jude is in VBS right now and has really done well.  He hasn't had any separation anxiety and is excited to go every day.  We are working on reading, writing and math this summer.  Nothing too serious, but enough to keep him prepared for first grade.  Today he wrote letters to grandma and grandpa.  They are adorable.  Yesterday he read books to Rhett and Hattie.  He's really getting good at reading.  We are also doing the summer reading program at the library, and he's having fun picking his own readers out. We are also working on reading and memorizing scriptures. We did this once before and kid's got a great memory!  I really need to stick with this.  Jude lost his first tooth last week!  Grandpa was in town to see it!  He was so excited.  I'm still not sure if the tooth was actually ready to come out or if it was wiggled just enough to make it loose;). We have one more baseball tournament next weekend and then this season is done.  It's been a great one! Jude continues to be a sweetheart.  Every once in a while he'll just say, "I love you, momma", out of the blue.  He's always thinking of others and constantly making sure he hasn't hurt someone's feelings.  I love that he's sensitive, but it makes it hard for him to understand when other's aren't the same way.

Rhett isn't in any camps this summer, but I do have him signed up for swim lessons next month.  I haven't been able to work with him myself as much as I'd like too.  It's too much with Hattie in the pool too.  He's done really well getting accustomed to swimming again, and he can swim!  I was amazed last summer when he was swimming at 2-1/2, but this kid is determined.  When he puts his mind to something, it's going to happen!  I really just want him to be a stronger swimmer and to work on some safety tactics with him.  Hopefully his instructor can accomplish that.  This boy loves to watch shows.  I'm having to limit his show time during the day.  We are having specific times for tv, time for reading, time for free play inside and play outside.  It's working well and the boys are getting used to this routine.  It keeps them doing something, using their imaginations and not watching too much boob tube.  Rhett makes this really funny slurping noise.  I don't know why, but it's funny.  I've caught it on tape a few times and I laugh every time he does it.

Both of my parents came to visit last weekend and that's all Rhett has been talking about.  The day my mom was coming I had him watching a moving in the office while I cleaned, and every 15-20 minutes he would come bolting out of the office screaming, "Grandma? Are you here?"  It was super cute, and only about 6 hours early.  After my dad left Rhett cried and talked about him often.  In the car I'd hear him talking to himself saying, "I love my Grandpa."  So sweet.  My dad took the boys on a magic carpet ride in the living room, and it was hilarious.  I'm certain Rhett thought this was going to be a real ride.  He frantically gathered up as many toys as he could hold to take with him and ran to the rug before it took off.  Fun times:).  I love how much my parents play with my kids.  It's all about the kids.

Here's to soaking up these boys this summer in their 3rd and 6th year.  

8 months

My sweet girl is growing up so fast.  I can hardly believe 8 months have come and gone since I first held her in my arms.  Now this little monkey is acting like such a big girl.  This past month she has been eating a lot of new foods, talking up a storm and becoming a little more mobile.  I am hearing sweet words coming from her crib, carseat and stroller.  It's mostly, "dadadadadaaaa", but more and more I'm hearing, "mamamaaaa".  She has the cutest little voice.  She also has a funny little laugh and giggle.  She has started planking up a bit more to get into the 'crawl' position.  She doesn't make it much past that.  Big news this past week.  Hattie has TWO teeth!  One night Dallas was talking to her and she bit his nose.  It hurt, so he checked it out and sure enough...a tooth!  A few days later a second tooth made the pair.  They are just above the gum line, but pretty stinking cute.  I've already been bit nursing, so we'll see how that goes!

Rhett - 3 yrs 7 months, Jude- 6 yrs 3 months, Hattie- 8 months

There are no words for how much I love this photo.

Hattie's first Mother's Day

Brother loves to hold her.

Sat in the big girl highchair this month.

Hattie is just a doll.  She is so funny and already has such a fun personality.  I'm so excited to see where the next month takes her.  I suspect crawling is inevitable.