Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, I finally finished my bedding, you know, after 30 trips to the store, trying each one on my duvet, returning the ones that didn't work and settling for the one on sale that I felt fit my style and worked the best in my space.

Any tips on how to get the wrinkles out of my curtains?  I tried ironing one of them and that did not turn out well. 

I still may paint the wood portion of the head/footboard down the road, but for now I am content with the wood and how it all goes together.  I'm still a little disappointed the pintuck bedding didn't work out for me, but since I snagged this pottery barn lookalike embroidered duvet on sale at Target for $45, it feels meant to be:).

I'm sure my boys (all three of them) will dirty up all this whiteness soon enough...precisely why I buy the $45 version from Target and not from PB.


Aja said...

It looks great! Have you tried steaming the curtains?

Sarah said...

Thanks! No, but I think that's probably what I need to do. Have a steamer I can borrow:)?

Sharstin said...

it looks great! you have mad style chick!~ and how cute are these picts of the misters! love~

Megan B said...

Looks great! Have you tried Downey wrinkle release? I gave up - my curtains are still wrinkled after 2 years!