Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer wrap-up in St. Paul

We spent 4 days in St. Paul Minnesota this past week.  Our friend Kenny was getting married and Dallas was a groomsman (a very handsome one, I might add).

We made it! When we walked into the rest stop we were greeted by people saying, "Welcome to Minesooooota."  Gotta love a good Northern accent!  This makes 11 states my kids have been to just this summer!  

 Mall of America!!!

 Peanuts!  These guys are all over St. Paul.  I guess Charles whatshishead is from there? My kids had no idea who they were, but they were giant and fun to climb on, so what the hay!  

 At Rice Park.  This is where the wedding took place.

Yay, we finally found Charlie Brown!!!  

 The rehearsal dinner was at a German Pub and sausage factory called 'The Glockenspiel'.  It was so quaint and very delish!  We had their handmade bratwurst, hot dogs, kraut and spaetzle.  mmmm.  This German girl thought it was sehr gut!

 St. Paul's Cathedral was breathtaking.  So much European influence in the architecture in St. Paul.

Reception time!  

 Air guitar jam!

Jude found himself a cute little red-head, Naomi.  They had so much fun gettin down on the dance floor! Watch those hands little boy:)!


Dollar Dance with the bride

Das Boot- This glass boot is a German wedding/party tradition.  You flick the boot with your finger for good luck and take a drink hoping whatever is inside won't slosh you in the face (the trick is to turn the toe to the side).  If it does, it has to be refilled.  It is passed around until everyone is wished good luck. 

The ORU pitchers {Ramsey (right) was stabbed in the face a few years ago and nearly lost his life. It was so awesome to see him doing so well after praying for him for so long}

This was such a great wedding!  I loved all of the German influence.  Everyone was so nice to our kids and so helpful!  We are super excited for the newlyweds to come tomorrow and stay with us while they house hunt!  They will be moving here in a few short weeks!  

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Megan B said...

Fun trip! St. Paul is so neat, haven't been since I wad a kid but I remember having fun :)