Friday, August 12, 2011

Jude's Room

Jude, I want you to see and remember where you begrudgingly laid your head each night when you were 4 years old.  Mom was not so sure about any type of themed room, but when I saw this pic in Pottery Barn I knew we could whip something together that would be notsocheesy and something that a big boy like you could grow into for a few years.  Of course our version would be not as enticing as PB's version, but it was at least inspiration for the look.

When I saw this pic I thought of Dallas' room at his parent's house (you know, the one that STILL has everything hanging on the walls from his childhood).  He collected pennants at different ballparks as a kid and I recalled seeing gazillions of trophies in boxes in the garage at my inlaws.  I called my mother-in-law to see what I could get my hands on and she said I could have whatever I wanted.  Jude and I went over there to collect the loot and took only a fraction of what was to be had.

I wanted to use things that we already had and buy as little as possible so all of the bedding, pillows and accessories are recycled items that we've had for years.  I love that we were able to use things from our childhood in this room too.  Mainly from Dallas, but the lion on the bed was mine when I was little.  My grandma made it!

The headboard was a gift from my sister when we bought our first house, the bookshelf a gift from Nana and the nightstand was left behind when uncle Dave moved out after staying with us for a while. 

I bought the rocker and ottoman on Craigslist for $75 when Jude was little. The hooks for the pennants were on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $4 each.  The duvet cover and skirt were wedding gifts from our registry 8 years ago:). The quilt and shams were on clearance at target before Jude was conceived. The 20" PB striped pillows I bought new from a friend a few years ago. The gray linen pillow cover on the chair was from Ikea, $6. 

 Jude and I made this scoreboard in an afternoon.  I got the plywood for free at Lowes from the scrap pile and the wooden numbers from Hobby Lobby for $1 each and hung those from nails with twine.  I stenciled the letters. We were able to mix our own paint from colors I had leftover from other projects. 

 I bought this oversized 'J' at a garage sale for a $1 this spring. 

Dallas' framed ORU jersey was a gift from the school when he finished playing ball there.

 I got 4 of these cute little Pottery Barn chairs and a table on Craigslist 2 years ago for $30. I painted all but two of the chairs black.  I pulled this on out of this attic and loved it just as it was for his room in yellow. 

 What boy doesn't need a bin full of baseballs and gloves in his room? I got 3 of these bins for $1 at the 'J' garage sale.  

 He needs new frames, I know, but for now these will have to do. 

These little ball-player figurines are all over the room.  Dallas had a jillion of those too:).  All of the baseballs in the room came from Dallas too.  Most of them are signed by his childhood teams.  

Thank goodness for mother-in-laws who don't throw anything away!  It really worked out for us and Jude loves his new room!  I still have some cute little Jerseys that say batboy on the back of them that I plan to use or hang somehow, but I'm just not sure what to do with them yet.  I also want to hang a quark board to display some of his artwork in the room.    


katie@tulsadetails said...

Sarah! You are so talented!!! Jude's room is just adorable. I love the scoreboard!

Stephanie said...

Super cute! I love it! The scoreboard and the bin of gloves/balls are my favorites!

Aja said...

It looks great! The scoreboard came out fantastic- great job!

Jane said...

How fun! I actually like your version better than pottery barn's. Some day Jude (and Rhett) will really appreciate all of these special little memories that you're creating for them. Good job!