Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh Jude!

Jude is my movie quote kid.  If you know his dad and his uncles, you know where he gets it.

Last week we were driving down the road next to a semi truck (tractor and trailer).  From that back seat Jude said, "Clark, we're stuck under a truck!" He just smiled and went on about his business.  We couldn't help but burst into laughter.  Obviously this is from the greatest Christmas movie ever made, Lampoons Christmas Vacation (please don't tell me if you don't care for this will break my heart and change the way I see you...seriously, I love it THAT much).

That same afternoon we were at lunch and Jude was drinking lemonade at Subway.  After he took a nice long drink he smiled and said, "Take it easy on the Pepsi, Fuller."  Classic Home Alone, of course.

We haven't seen either of these movies since winter/Christmas.

Oh how I love this kid.  He amazes me always!

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Antoinette said...

Your little man is so handsome. I am really enjoying looking through your blog.