Friday, August 26, 2011

School is cool!

Our first 2 days of school were a success!  Jude was apprehensive until the moment we walked into his classroom...saying things like, "I'm too tired for school" and "Oh no, we're almost there"...hard things for mom and dad to hear:).  As soon as we walked into his classroom and saw our neighbor he was like peace out. Savannah was all, "Hey Jude" and he turned and looked at us, waved and said, "See ya!"  It was a proud moment!

 1st Day!

Day 2...still smiling!  

  I cried plenty the night before...reiterating to Dallas how BIG this was and how his life at home with me is o.v.e.r.  It was a tad dramatic, but being a stay-at-home-mom, it's hard to see your kid move to a place where they are not with you all of the time.  I hate the feeling that I should have done more with his time home the last four years.  

He came out of school all smiles and telling me stories about all of the kids, songs and coloring they did. It was great!

I love this sweet boy and am so proud of him!  Jude, you had a wonderful first day of school and I know that you will do great from here on out!  

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Aja said...

Yay Jude!! So proud of you- I know you'll love everything about school :)