Sunday, August 21, 2011


That's how I feel about Jude starting school this Thursday.  I mean, how dare he grow up so fast and stomp on my heart by leaving me for school, right!?  It just seems so unreal that he is ready for pre-k.  He is though, probably even ready for Kindergarten. I'm doing my best to pump him up for an exciting year.  I know he is ready and will love it.  As for now, he is going through a bit of an "I'm not going to school" phase.  He's also got a bit of a tude going on.  Hopefully we can resolve this in the next 4 days:).

When I told my mom that Jude was not exactly psyched for school she just laughed and said, "What goes around comes around."  I was not exactly thrilled about school myself.  We're talking crying, screaming, missing the bus on purpose so my mom would have to drive me and pry my fingers off of the car kind of junk....until like second grade.  My second grade class room aid had to bribe me with chocolate milk to get the crying to stop before it was so out of control that I would throw up.  Yeah, I saw right through your bribe Kathy Maye, I know you think you won that battle, but who was the only kid with a tiny carton of choc. milk waiting for me on my desk when I got to school each day, that's right...sweet victory!

Needless to say, I'm justified in being a little anxious about the hesitation that I'm seeing in my child.

To prepare for school we got some overdue haircuts!

Doesn't Jude look thrilled?  I'm pretty good at reading him and would guess there is one of three things going through his mind in this pic...

a. He's not thrilled about the matching shirts...
b. He's peeved that this will take time away from his day at the pool.
c. He knows the haircut is for school, ergo, he's ticked!  

Ahhhh...fresh cuts on these boys makes me smile!  Much better!

This cute boy got a new cut too...

 We attempted to get a few family pics again this weekend.  We have been on hiatus from our Sunday pics because I've not wanted to photograph the visible stitches in my mouth.  I finally had enough of them and removed them myself last night.  All better.  

Man it's hard to get these boys on the same page and looking the same direction.  

Jude was not being totally cooperative and stripped down totally naked halfway through the shoot, so he's not in many of of this weeks pics.  

Other news...
In addition to my bone surgery failing I'm apparently now allergic to cillins (amoxicillin, penicillin and the like.).  What?!  Since when?!  That is what I would like to know.  After both mouth surgeries I have broken out in an itchy rash on my face, jaw, neck chest and shoulders.  This is days after I am done with the medication, but apparently it will only get worse when I need it next time.  

Dallas and I meet with my Dr. R on Tuesday to get my stitches removed and consult about what my options are from here.  Can he help me, do I go to a different Maxillofacial surgeon (I have consults setup with 2 highly recommended), do I use Dr. R even if he thinks he can help me?  I know that there is a plan for me in all of this and it will be fine.  It may cost a tiny fortune and be super painful, and not on my timeline, but there must be a silver lining.  For now I will just marvel in the fact that I am apparently an anomaly, maybe the only person this has happened to in the nature of which it has happened.  Already I am one of the 1%  of the population with the congenital lateral incisor malformation, I am in the 1% range for bone graft failure, and now most likely less than 1% for the reason it failed.  Exciting stuff, I know.  Maybe I will be in the 1% that Dr. R does pro bono to just to learn more about WHAT.WENT.WRONG!  :).  We would definitely appreciate prayer during this big decision time.  

 I've been decorating a lot lately.  I'm definitely on a budget, so I've been hitting up several thrift stores and antique malls to find great things.  I have been working on collecting items for Rhett's big boy room.  Yea, I know he's not even two, but I like to have things ready to go so I don't have to buy under pressure and spend way more than if I have a little time to "collect" here and there.  

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come...
a bit nautical a bit modern, lots of globes and a giant wall map.  I bought a kajillion white frames pictured at Ikea a few weeks ago and I've been adding things to them as I think of something.  I plan to do a gallery on one of his walls.  Thankfully I've got my mom on the hunt for me too.  She picked up five vintage globes at a flea market last week and I am so excited!  They will add some much needed color!

 I am INLOVE with this guy.  I have seen these on different blogs and think they are both adorable and hilarious.  I was at JBF yesterday with some friends and spotted a lady carrying one of these guys to checkout.  Thankfully after stocking her and eyeballing the one furry wall-mounted creature in the joint, she gave me the brand and website on the back.  Unfortunately they are out of stock everywhere.  I think this would be SO cute in a nursery or toy room.  I think our future son, Bo, needs this guy!  

Where there is a will there is a way....I found an adorable creature locally at Bass Pro last night!  I'm not going to lie, I spent the better part of my night looking for one of these.  He is a moose and I love the moose even more than the deer AND he's half the price!  He's plush and about 20" high.  

Searching for one of these I found that there are people out there protesting them.  Apparently they don't think it appropriate to promote hunting by mounting stuffed animals for children's rooms. I don't know,  I think this is a fun alternative to the real thing and it is pretty stinking cute.  Okay, so maybe the mounted polar bear head I saw was taking it a bit far, they are endangered after all (At least I think they are, but who knows, that was supposedly due to global warming and we all know how that turned out).  I don't think this is sending any bad messages to my children.  Any thoughts on that?  Is this offensive to any of you?

I am also thinking about painting a few rooms in my house.  Aja, will you come one day soon so I can bounce some color ideas off of your creative eye?  I really want to do the kitchen/dining combo and get rid of the tuscan look we've got going on.  

Sorry for the super long post...clearly I've got a lot to say:).  I hope you made it to the end and all had a wonderful weekend!  

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Aja said...

I think you should go with your idea to behead a stuffed moose or deer and mount that! HA!!

When you said that, all I could picture was a big stuffed Care Bear! Don't ask me why :)

I think Rhett's big boy room will be so cute! Can't wait to see it all together!