Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend I realized that I haven't been in a pic with my boys since our Florida vacation at the beginning of May.  I am so bad about taking pics regularly, so I often do overkill to make up for lost time:). When Jude was born we would take pics every Sunday before, after or at church, mainly because this was the one day a week I was in make-up and dressed nice:). I decided today that we will start our Sunday photo tradition once again.  My family did this when I was little too, and I love having those photos to look back on.

 {Pay no attention to Jude's flock of seagulls hairdo.  It's getting long and he insists on spikes for church.}

{Jude Story}
This weekend we were driving through a neighborhood and Jude said, "mom, I just saw a mailbox like Aja's." I asked what color Aja's mailbox was and he said, "white".  Well I had no earthly idea what color her mailbox was, but after a quick text she confirmed, her mailbox is indeed white:).  I cannot recall the last time this child was at Aja's house, but it was not recently.  It's probably been close to a year since he has been there and not sleeping in the car while I run in real quick.  He is such an observant little stinker!  He is a sponge and I love every inquisitive part of his little life!

{Spa Day}
My friend Megan and I hosted a spa baby shower shindig for our sweet friend Sarah this weekend.  It was so great to see her and to spend some time with the girls!  I can't wait to meet little Whit in a few months!  For some reason I feel that our children will look alike too:), we call them blondie bluies.  Sarah, you look great!

Megan's fabulous cupcake display!

Momma-to-be pedicure seat.

We showered Sarah with books to get Whitney's library ready for her.  She got a lot of the great classics!  Sarah has to be one of the most practical moms I know.  Didn't want to register because she had so many hand-me-downs.  They are borrowing our infant-seat and and a couple of strollers and lots of other things from family and she is just oh so practical and economical.  I totally appreciate that in a day and age when the more you have the better....the disgusting world of $1200 strollers and $300 carseats, she is staying true to who she is.  She's all about getting just what she needs, not all of the made up crap the stores tell you that you must have. Refreshing. 

Special thanks to our friend Katie for lending us 3 hours of your night, access to your cricut machine, cute cupcake toppers and some decor!   If anyone knows how to throw a cute shower it's this girl!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  


Aja said...

WHO does Rhett look like in that first pic?? I swear he looks different all the time! The shower looks so fun- great job!
I find it hilarious that Jude knows what color my mailbox is and I fully had to go look out the window to check when you asked me. :) smart cookie!

Sarah said...

No clue, but he doesn't really even look like him in that pic. Pic #2 is a more accurate photo of him:)

Sharstin said...

what a fun shower, and a spa day is always a good day! i love the picts of your fam--so darling~