Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We heart long weekends!

We started the weekend going crazy out of our minds with the loudest instrument known to mankind...serioulsy, who invented the drums...I need to know!  It may be causing ringing in mom's ears, but this kid is having the time of his life...

Thanks again, Aja and Dustin!!!

We went to Texas over Labor Day weekend to visit my sister's family.  It was such a great trip, and the kids had such a fun time together.  We MUST find Jude some boy-ish roller blades of his own...STAT!  

I finally got my antlers hung before the weekend was over.  I like them, but they may just stay for a season or two.  Eventually I'd like to have a large set of bookshelves on this wall.   

 I want to have some built-ins installed on that far right wall where my floating shelves are right now.   I think shelves top to bottom would be great in that currently useless space!  

 The antlers add a little something and make the room feel more interesting, I like it.  

This is the reaction I typically get when this silly kiddo sees the camera come out.

  Anyone else take a fun trip, put their boy in princess rollerblades or invest in earplugs?  
I hope you all had a wonderful non-laborious weekend!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Lol! I see a lot of kazoo gifting in Evie's future! ;) The living room looks great! So homey!!

Megan B said...

Maybe Jude can play a set for us on Saturday :). The antlers are fun! Can I hire you to decorate for me?