Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog days...

Okay, so it's hot here.  There's no question of whether or not it's summer...it.is.brutal!  Aja and I had so so much fun at Vintage Market Days this past weekend.  Thankfully the heat didn't keep many people away.  Unfortunately it was the hottest weekend of the summer so far, like 104 degrees, but we made it and it was a blast.  I am so grateful that Aja and her mom included me in this event, it really was a lot of fun.  

We have spent the last few days at the pool with my friend Sarah and her sweet little girl.  They are traveling Lifetime members, so it was fun to hang there with them while they were in town.  Her sweet little Whitney is the smiliest chic!  Rhett loves her!

We had a little aquarium date this morning and it was nice to mix things up!  You can only do the pool so many days in a row, especially when the sun is so fierce!

 Rhett loved getting splashed by the sting-rays.  Neither of them actually wanted to touch them, but pretended like they were.  There were baby sharks up for petting as well.  Pass!  Jude touched one and said is was, "slomy".

Rhett, Jude and Whitney (future beach buddies)

I love that cute, soft little cheek.  Rhett loved all of the displays.  He was entranced by the creatures!  

Poor Rhett had just been knocked in the head by the camera hanging from my neck.  :(.  

Shockingly enough, this was our first ever trip to the aquarium.  It was fun!  

Hope you all are surviving the heat and finding some fun indoor activities to keep you busy!  Now, off to check our upstairs thermostat to see if our a.c. up there is on the fritz.  Please NO!  

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Sharstin said...

perfect jaunt--and cutest dudes around!