Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pondering motherhood.

Does anyone else have a mom who did it all?  A mom who did it all and didn't complain?  I was talking with my sister today about all of the tasks my mom had on her plate when we were wee ones, and now that I'm a mom I'm really shocked by all that she was able to accomplish.  

I'm sure I'm missing some things, but somehow she was able to sew most of our clothes, make a homemade meal for dinner to have on the table at 6:00 each night, had a grocery budget of, wait for it...$10 a week (when I was a baby)!  Somehow we lived on 1 pound of ground beef a of five!  She maintained a large garden that we needed for the food.  She canned food in our kitchen so we could have the veggies all year round.  She mowed the yard.  We lived on a farm in Ohio at the time, so this was no small yard to maintain.  She also did all of the landscaping herself, and still does. If we needed something she made it, crafted it, sewed it.  On top of all of the other busy things you do while you have three kids, she ran a daycare out of our home, and watched several other kids each and every day from the crack of dawn until dark.  This didn't allow her to leave the house, ever!  I don't know how she did it all.  And you know what,  I never felt like I missed out on a thing.  She always spent so much time playing with us and taking us on fun adventures through the woods, to the pond, to the barn.  She also did most everything alone.  My dad was putting himself through school at Miami of Ohio and working three jobs to make it all happen.  She literally had no adult interaction through-out her days.  No girls night, bunco, Tuesday night bible study.  I should mention that her life got easier as my dad moved up in his career, but she still did so so much.  

Seriously, how spoiled are we?  What is it?  Why do my day to day tasks seem so difficult, so overwhelming at times? Am I lazy? Am I just used to a certain way of life?  Does society just tell us that we don't need to do it all?  I look at what I have to complete in my time at home and it is absolutely nothing in comparison.  This makes me feel guilty.  Like I should be able to handle more.  Is it just that it's a different day and age?  Did she just do what she had to do?  Could I do it if I had to?  I don't ever remember my mom complaining or being totally stressed out like I am at times.  

What do you think?  Was your mom also a super woman?  Did she clean the house floor to ceiling every single spring (something else I don't do)?  Did she pull the refrigerator out to clean under it, and dust every.single.leaf on the artificial plants in your house (I am a child of the 80's)?  Any opinions on why we are so different?  I know it has to do with financial situations too, but honestly I don't know if I could do it.  Could you?  Do you?  Do people like her still exist?  

My mom is the best.  So much to live up to!  


Aja said...

Goodness! I am seriously tired just thinking about doing all that she did every day.. I don't really know if moms like her still exist. I do think we live in a different day and age, and people don't seem to have the same work ethic or demands that they used to. I think we're a bit more selfish, too. More ME time, more what I want to do (rather than clean, cook, etc), more distractions with computers, social media, tv, shopping, etc.

Down deep, I think some of it goes back to what we were taught in school- Do what you love! Which is fine and dandy, if you you can figure that out and make it pay the bills, but I think our generation gives up doing what needs to be done if it doesn't make them "happy". I just don't think we were taught quite the same work ethic and sense of responsibility as our parents' generation. Not an excuse! Just some reality.

Also? Your mom is one in a million. Plain and simple. Not every other mom in her generation had that same heart for her family. Be thankful for her! (I know you are!)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Aja. I did not realize how self centered matt and I really were until we had kids. Another thing is the new distractions and expectations have changed.
Love reading your blog!