Sunday, July 8, 2012

darndest things.

This week I've been reflecting on the cute little things that I don't want to forget.  Little things that are said day to day, but I may pass over because they get said so often.  Or maybe it's just the way they are said that captures my smile.

Rhett always asks me to "buckle him out" of his carseat.  When we stop the car somewhere he instantly says, "Momma, buckle me out." instead of unbuckle me.

Rhett fell again last week, this time straight off of the back of a stool onto his head on the tile.  It was scary. I took him to the pool after dinner and asked him how his head was feeling and he shrugged his little shoulders, threw his hands up and said, "Um, I fink is wooks great!"

Sometimes when I lay with Rhett at night it is right after a snack for me.  I climb into his bed and he will start chattering away.  He'll stop mid sentence, put both of his hands on my cheeks, look straight in my eyes and say, "What you have, momma?  Peanut butter?"  Yup, usually I do:).

In the morning Rhett climbs into bed with me around 7:00.  9 times out of 10 while I'm welcoming him into my bed, he says, "your stink, momma...brush your teeth!"  Followed by, "I want milky."  Yes, both of my boys still LOVE milk. 

Tonight Jude and Rhett were playing and Jude said, "Come on Marty."  Rhett whipped around and shouted, "I'm not Marty, I'm Doc!"  Then they jumped in their DeLorean and gunned it to 88.

Jude has been using big words lately.  The other day he told me that a situation we were in seemed mysterious.  He said he learned it on Martha Speaks.  I love that he uses these words in the right context.

Jude asked me the other day when the baby was going to come out of my groin?!  This took me by surprise, so I just quickly answered that she'd be here in a few months.  I didn't even go into how he knew about the groin region.

We were at the pool the other day and the whistle blew for adult swim.  Jude looked right at me and said, "shits".  I quickly asked him where he heard that.  He admitted that he saw it on Sandlot (I promise I don't let him watch a lot of movies).  I don't love it when he uses these words in the right context, or at all.  I still did have to hide my face in a towel to laugh where he couldn't see me, though.  That's how mature I am.

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Aja said...

Oh I love these! You don't want to forget- so precious. And hilarious! Shits! :)