Saturday, June 16, 2012

darndest things.

Kids say the darndest things.  They crack us up throughout the week and we are always reminiscing about when Jude said such and such, or when Rhett did something off the wall.  I'm going to attempt to record at least one funny saying or action each week from each of them.  This way I won't forget it.  

This week...


This week Jude got in trouble at bedtime for getting out of his bed several times.  I finally took away the privilege of letting him play with the neighbor boys the next day.  He was so upset and I did something I don't often do..I gave him the opportunity to earn it back.  If he went to sleep immediately he could take the punishment away.  I'm sleeping in my bed that night, and suddenly I get a little rata tat tat on my nose.  Jude whispers, "mom, did I earn it back?", I look at the clock and it was 3 a.m.  I just started laughing, this kid, he gets something on his mind and doesn't give up.  Love him! 

 Rhett was going #2 on the potty and having some trouble.  I told him to push really hard and Jude said, "Not too hard, Rhett.  You don't want to get a hangroid."  Yes, that's right, we teach our kids about the importance of anal heath also:).  


I was trying to get Rhett to sleep one night and I was ignoring him while he talked up a storm and asked a million questions.  He's super chatty at bedtime.  I had my back turned to him and he asked, "Why do you have boobies and stuff, momma?" He's so little to know the difference, but he definitely does.  One day he saw me naked and he ran out of the bathroom and told Dallas that my ding ding was broken.  I now change in total seclusion.  

I love living in a funny house.  We are always laughing and smiling, and there is not much better than that.  


Aja said...

Your ding dong???? Ha! This is awesome- keep telling these stories, they're priceless!

Sarah said...

No, ding ding. It's what he calls his boy bits :).