Monday, September 12, 2011

Golf ball lymph node?!

This poor sweet baby has been miserable carting around a golf-ball sized lymph node on the right side of his neck.  We marched our up.all.night cranky selves into the Doctor's office today to give him a gander at whatever was happening to our little munchkin.  Prognosis was...swollen lymph node, ear infection and some sort of virus causing vomiting, fever and giant nodes.  Poor thing.  If it is not shrinking by Thursday then he will have to get a CT scan at the hospital.  We are praying it will get better.  Doc says nodes can get infected and have to be drained...I pray not!

Unfortunately for Rhett, Augmentin is like seriously the nastiest medicine ever created.  It is like liquid chalk with a smack of NASTY!  My poor baby spits, gags and wipes his tongue off when I try to get it down his gullet.  Hopefully he is getting enough to kick the virus and clear up the problem in his lymph node.  Please say a prayer for our sweet little Rhett.

Fortunately for us, Rhett is not the medicine fighter that Jude was!  We finally gave up on Jude taking medicine orally as a toddler and just asked to have all of his antibiotics mixed at a compounding pharmacy and turned into much easier!!!

Rhett is super cuddly when he's not feeling like himself.  Since D is out of town all week, I will enjoy all of his sweet snuggles and have him all to myself.


katie@tulsadetails said...

Prayers for sure! Keep us posted! Hope he is better in no time! Poor guy!!

Megan B said...

Poor baby!