Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrity look-a-likes

Do you guys have any celebrity look-a-likes?  I have a few that I've been told over the years, but my husband seems to look like an abundant number of stars these days.  He is always being told he looks like so-and-so.  Some of which are flattering and some...nosomuch.  We'll focus on the good ones here:). 

Matthew Goode.  I can see it!  Especially with the hair and beard Dal has been sporting for the last year.  My mom insists they are look-a-likes.  

In this pic I particularly see it through the eyes, eyebrows. forehead, chin, hair and beard:).

Side note...this movie drove me nuts because I could not stand Amy's wardrobe and shoes the entire movie! 

Brad Paisley.  People have been pointing out their similarities since I met Dallas in 2000.

I can see it in the eyes and the shape of his face and in the bridge of his nose.  Pay no attention to the fact that Dallas is about a foot taller than Brad.

James Lafferty.  Holy look-a-like friends.  Most of you probably have no idea who Lafferty is.  Most of you are probably not HUGE Dorks like me, and have not been watching the WB hit One tree hill for the last 8 years:).  However, some of you may be closet OTH lovers like me and know exactly what I'm talking about!  I get freaked out when I watch Nathan (James) because I think he looks SO much like Dallas.  He's also very tall like Dal and has similarities in body shape and mannerisms.  Several others have pointed out their resemblance to each other over the years, but I have to say this is as close as it gets to me.

 I see it in his eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, cheek bones, forehead, hairline and body.  It's weird.  

Just for fun, here are a few of the others who may not be at all flattering, but I get it ...

Kenny Logins                                                                     Bob Saget:)                         
None of these guys hold a candle to the real deal!  Love him!


Aja said...

Bob Saget, LOL!!!

Sarah said...

Flattering, I know! Speaking of look-a-likes, Dallas and I both thought that Sam Rockwell resembled your hubs in a movie we watched this weekend. Of course I have always thought D looks like Thorsten Kaye.