Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We had a great visit to the lake and the boys had such a fun time with cousins!  It was so great to see them all playing together and having a blast!  All of the Grandkids were there....Cohl, Micah, Ellie, Hope, Luke, Jude, Rhett and Avie.  
This little pirate was AWESOME on the tube all by himself!  This trip reminded me of Jude's first trip to the Lake (Grand) when he was 7 months old.  He and his friend Soph chilled in the houseboat the entire time, but it still counts as his first experience on the lake! 

Sweet boy wasn't so sure about the life jacket!

 Jude and Lexi on the tube. Pay no attention to the date, I need to reset my camera.  In other news, my sisters and I all got up on skis!  It was a true miracle:)!  

 Jude has been drawing and coloring a lot lately.  He can count to 91(his favorite #) with assistance past 40.  I'm impressed with his peeps drawing skills.  They have triangle shaped bodies (and plenty of fingers:)).  Most kids draw circles for the body, but my kid is different than most:).

Pulled this out of his file the other day and wanted to color it.  I thought he did a great job of staying in the lines.
He draws a lot of pics like this.  Lines, angles, squiggles, lots of color...I love them!  
Jude likes art!  He painted these abstracts last summer and the summer before in IL.  We used all sorts of things to create them.  His toes, forks, a whisk, paper and who knows what else.  We display them in the toy room for all to see!  

Has anyone else been daydreaming about fall?  No, just me?  I have particularly been dreaming about cool runs in the brisk mornings, frye boots, scarves, our family hike on Turkey Mountain, hot drinks on cool mornings, cuddling up with one of my boys at a football game...ohhh I could go on and on...give me a break 105 degree weather, this northern girl can't take the heat!  

Off to fight swords with my little pirate and his "life saver"! Have a great rest of the week, friends!  

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Megan B said...

What a cute pirate! I think his triangle bodies are very innovative and I especially like the multiple digits on their hands. Who couldn't use more fingers? Glad you guys had fun at the lake!