Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey O Daddio!

My Dad was in town for a few days this past week and it was SO great to see him!  We had such a nice visit and fun family time.  Jude loves his grandpa, and Rhett warmed up to him after the first day:).  He joined in on all of the fun pretty quickly.  I'm so excited for Rhett to be at the age where he remembers my family. It's so hard living 10 hours from them, and sad to think he doesn't really know them.  Soon enough he will come to love our 2-3 week summer visits and look forward to spending that time in IL.  After all, we get 2 whole weeks of undivided attention, 24/7!  Can't wait!!!

All tuckered out!

Rhett still doesn't look so sure:).

Grandpa fixed Juder's hair all weekend!

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Aja said...

Glad you guys had a good visit! Your dad looks so much like Jamie to me in these pictures!