Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I believe in giving credit where credit is due...tonight I want to give credit to a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.  Someone who truly cared for others, who gave his life, day in and day out, to reach the lost. Who lived his life according to God's plan and not his own.  To a man who just recently passed through the gates of heaven and heard the words, well done good and faithful servant, with you I am well pleased!

David Wilkerson is such a familiar name in my household...when I hear his name I think of my mom.  For years she has listened to his sermons and imparted his teaching to my sisters and I.  He was the founding pastor of times square church in NewYork City, and the founder of Teen Challenge, a hugely successful Christian drug recovery program that has spread all over the United States.  He is the founder of World Challenge, an organization that funds orphans, hospitals, clinics, schools, Christian education and feeds thousands upon thousands of hungry children all over the world.

David Wilkerson is one of the only prophetic pastors who I trust and believe.  He was the only person to prophecy the happenings of 9/11.  His church was up all night making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the night before because he knew something was coming on 9/11 to New York City.  He also prophesied much of the economic despair our country is in right now, and this was in a book that he wrote in 1973.  He posted on his blog daily, and I found his blog entry today, April 27th, to be a bit prophetic as well.  It's almost as if he knew today would be his last day.

Wilkerson's heart for the lost was unmatched.  He lived everyday to reach the lost, and committed his life to the cause of furthering the Kingdom of God.  What an awesome Legacy he leaves behind.  I can't even imagine the mansion he has in Heaven!

He will be missed here on earth, but what encouraging words he left on his blog to those who will miss him!

Wilkerson died in a car accident in Texas today.  Please pray for David's wife, Gwen, she was in the car with him and is in critical condition in a Texas hospital.

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