Thursday, May 5, 2011


We recently had a puppy in our house...for 24 hours.  She was staying with us to keep her a surprise for Dallas' grandma.  All of her kids and grandkids chipped in and got her a long-hair Chihuahua named Brownie.  She is super cute and my kiddos fell in love with her instantly!

On the way to take Brownie to surprise Mamaw, Jude was pleading his case to keep the dog at our house.  He asked, "What if she is scared?" I explained that she wouldn't be because Mamaw would take care of her.  He came back with, "What if she's scared of Mamaw?"  I said that she would not be, and he asked, "But what about when she sees the oldness all over Mamaw?"  I nearly spit my drink all over the windshield....where does he come up with this stuff??

Rhett spoke his first sentence yesterday!  I can't for the life of me remember what it was, but it will come back to me.  I know it was three words.  I seriously have an issue with my brain and remembering things lately.  I do, however, remember Jude's first sentence.  We were on the way home from Illinois after Thanksgiving, so he was 21 months old, and he said, "I wanna drive dada's car."  I really can't believe I remember that so clearly, but I remember Dallas and I both whipped our heads around in disbelief!  After that day he was talking in paragraphs!  It's like he was sitting around soaking everything in for months until he was ready to let it all out:).

I decided this morning that I have the best kids in the whole world!  Sure, they have their quarks, and one in particular is especially spunky, but they are the best!  I am SO blessed to spend every minute of every day taking care of them!  To me there is no greater job!!!

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Aja said...

I'm dying!!! Jude cracks me up!!

Also, are you SURE you're not pregnant?? Emotional.. forgetting things.. sounds fishy to me ;)