Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

At the beach in Seaside

I had the BEST Mother's Day this year!!!  We spent the weekend at the beach with our kids and friends, and it was just the sweetest time.  Also, the beach happens to be my favorite place on this earth, so it worked out perfectly to coincide with Mother's Day!

I decided to to create gifts for our moms this year.  When I was little I had a teacher who would trace each and every kid's silhouette from an overhead projector onto paper, and we would cut them out and give them to our moms for mother's day. I didn't have an overhead, or the photoshop program that makes them digitally, but I found a way to make them myself. I just love the way they turned out and I had to make some for me as well!  The one below was for Dallas' mom, and my mom got the same thing, but I made hers into magnets.

This was a simple project but time consuming to get every hair and curve cut out right.  All I did was snap a profile picture, upload the photo onto my computer, tape a piece of white paper to my screen, trace the profile with a pencil, cut it out on the white paper, trace it onto black paper with a pencil, cut that out and glue it to a lighter color of linen card stock.  Voila....homemade silhouette that I will treasure forever!  I still have the ones I made for my mom.  I plan on framing them someday after I retrace them (Let's just say I wasn't  the craftiest kid in the world with scissors in 2nd grade:)).  

I love personal gifts like this, and I hope our mom's enjoyed getting them too! 

Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day!  

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