Monday, February 3, 2014

a constant struggle {and a mini-makeover}

I blame the cold weather for all of my antsy antics lately.  I've been decorating and rearranging like a fool. Seriously, it needs to be done for a while.  I honestly struggle with my desire to redecorate decorate all of the time.  I've even taken to decorating my friend's and neighbor's homes when they ask for help. I feel like it's time wasted when I could be doing so many other things (don't hear what I'm not saying, I really enjoy it). Volunteering, cleaning, playing more with my kids, cleaning, having more time with the Lord daily, and well, cleaning.  You know, more.  It's also on my mind a lot.  What could I do in this room? How would that look? I should go shopping and see what I can find.  Honestly, that's just not where I want my head all of the time.  I feel as of late I've been more in the world and of the world than I desire to be.  My biggest prayer this month has been for God to focus my mind and attention on what He would have me focus on.  That my precious time with my littles would not be wasted, and that He would always show me where I'm needed, and what's needed of me.  For contentment.  For me to be satisfied with where I am and what I have and not desire more or different.  To not take for granted His blessings in my life.  It's kind of a long prayer.

I was so blessed when I read Emily's post here.  It was like God was speaking right to me through her.  I'm sure lots of moms struggle with similar things, but it's nice to see someone talk about it, and make you feel that you are not alone in a like struggle.  And in the end, I love that she talks about it being okay to want to make your house pretty.  Somewhere you and your family will appreciate.  My husband thanks me all of the time for wanting to make our house a home, and I'm so very appreciative for that.

Ultimately, I know this is a season in my life..where my kids need me and are home with me.  It will be gone before I know it.  Faster than I can imagine.  I don't want to miss it.  I know there is a balance that I can find.  I will get there.

Here is one of my latest time-sucks (I'll share more as I have time)..

This is our kitchen eating area.  We had a tiny table in here that was so very squished in when we entertained, and this is the only eating area we currently use.  I converted our formal dining into a reading room for now. Most tables I found were either too big or too small for this area, so I had this table made to just the right size for our space, and then finished it from raw wood.  It was a hellish nightmare:).  I thought it would be super easy, but all told the finishing process I used was 7 steps.  It took about 2 weeks of working on it in the driveway, the garage and the cold to get it done.  I'm still not sure I'm done with it.  I'm thinking of having a piece of glass cut for the top.   

I also made the foxed mirror and the dead boxwood wreath that is hanging from it. We hung the bamboo blinds and are calling it finished..for now!  I would love to have those two windows encased to look like one, and have a large header over them to really give them presence, but we are shopping for new windows and these windows are horribly uneven, so that will wait.

AND here's the newly (thanksgiving-ish) painted kitchen to go along with it! 


And for comparison sake, here's what it looked like previously..

I'm always so amazed at what a can of paint can do.  It feels so much more like us now.  Time well spent:).  

Eventually I'd love to find someone who can make my yellowy/orange alder cabinets look like this..

House Beautiful 

 but I have trust issues, so that could take some time.  

All in all, I'm so glad we have made the changes that have made our house our home.  I'd just love to be some point:).  

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