Thursday, January 30, 2014

Preparing for summer..

Goodness gracious.  This winter has been a doozie.  Mono, flu, viruses, colds, eczema, roseola.. summer.cannot.come.soon.enough.

Do people who live in warmer climates not experience all of this junk?  A move may be in order for momma to keep her sanity:).  Just kidding, moving would put me over my stress maximum at this point.  

I'm so excited for summer this year.  Not just to get the ick out of our house, but to swim and go to parks and have all of my kids at home and running around outside all day.  I seriously cannot wait.  I'm already thinking swimsuits.  I'm really considering rash guards for everyone this year.  We are at the pool daily, and 2 of my 3 are allergic to many sunscreens, so I'm thinking UV guards would be a life saver.  I want one too!  

I'm considering a few of these..

J.Crew for the boys

And maybe something like this for me, in my go to  


I'm really okay with looking like a fool if it means my skin is protected, and I can swim everyday without looking like a raisin when I'm 50.  Score!  Bust out the mom-jeans.  I'm officially there. 

At least I'm not here..yet.

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