Tuesday, February 4, 2014

loft makeover

I don't know if I can consider this room a makeover, it was just a room full of toys before, but it feels so much better now that it's officially decorated.

We have this loft space at the top of our stairs.  It's classified as a 'game room' according to the builder, but it's a small space and open to the living area below.  For nearly four years now it's been nothing.  We have had toys in there for 2 years, a drum set at one point, but empty for the most part.  I should also mention that there are barely walls in this space (roofline and loft wall).  There's really only one wall that's usable for decor, so I felt like it really needed to be a focal point.  This room is also a pass-through to the rest of the upstairs (I know, it's a decorating challenge all the way around), so the placement of furniture was key to getting  it right.  Did I also mention it's a small space?  I think 12x12, so the scale of furniture was a huge factor.  I also wanted to use as many of my own unused things to decorate as possible (budget).

My biggest requirement and goal in decorating this space was to step outside of my box.  I wanted to do something that I haven't been bold enough to do in the main rooms in our house.

I had all of these frames in my stash.  I had mats made for some of them and added the mirrors. 

And this is the loft wall.  It overlooks our living room and is a steep drop.  I didn't want any furniture along this wall in case we have tiny jumpers.  

See what I mean?!  Steep.  

  So far we love it.  We have used this space so much already, and it makes me happy for it to not be a wasted room in our house.  It feels good!  

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Aja said...

Looks great! Loving the gold/brass in there. And that's great that you guys have been using the space!