Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hattie {11 months}

Unfortunately this has been a super busy month for our family, so Hattie has been lugged around for back to school shopping, PTA events, several school meetings, school lunches and doctors appointments.  Momma found out she has mono this month, so it's been interesting to say the least.  We've been tired.  All of us.  Hattie is such a trooper, and she's been a good sport through what's likely been the busiest month of her little life.  She is such a good baby!

Hattie loves her brothers.  She has started to growl and grunt at them when they talk to her.  It's her funny little personality coming out and is cracks us up.  Rhett tries to wrestle with her and it's so funny. We really have to keep a close eye on him when he plays with her.  He doesn't always realize how delicate she is.  Speaking of delicate..we've got such a little bean pole on our hands.  I'd say she's tiny, but she's not, really.  She's tall, but she's skinny.  She's got skinny little legs and she's shaped so similar to Rhett.  Smaller than he was at this age, but very much the same.

Hattie LOVES to eat.  She eats anything we will feed her these days and she still loves the grain cereal we give her.  She still eats quite a bit of the liquid baby foods, along with table and finger foods.  She's gotten quite good at sucking the baby food right out the package (so convenient) when we are on the go!  Third child style.

Our girl still wears a size 3 diaper, and wears anything from 6 month tops to 12 month dresses.  She recently outgrew a size 2 shoe, so we are on the hunt for some size 3's.  I'll be digging through the boys things to find their mini converse asap.  I think she's around 17 lbs, but not certain.

Here are some pictures from this month..

Busted on the stairs!

More stairs!

Football makes for tired sisters. 

Cooking in her kitchen.

We even snuggle balls at our house.

Kid conversations are the best. 

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