Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hattie {1 year}

Well, this last month flew by, and just like that we have a one year old baby girl.  My heart is sad that my girl is one already, but excited to see her shining and growing into such a sweet and wonderful little one.  This baby has brought so much joy and happiness into our home.  She has completed our family, and is an amazing little sister to two of the best big brothers a gal could ever want.  God has blessed us greatly with Hattie Jane.  I am honored and blessed to be her momma.  I never imagined life with a little girl, and I love it more than I could ever explain.  God truly knew what our family needed when he placed Hattie in our family.  She was the missing piece to our puzzle.

Hattie had a big 12th month!  This month she FINALLY got 2 more teeth.  This makes 4 teeth total.  Eating has been delayed a bit to prevent choking, but I finally feel comfortable with her having more table foods to chew on.  Our girl in standing on her own.  She will crawl somewhere, stand up in the middle of the floor, and sit down to start crawling again.  I believe she is close to taking a few steps on her own.  She is so eager to be big and chase her brothers around.  She is also still a lover of the stairs.  We are careful to keep the gate up whenever she is awake.  She is desperately trying to tell us things these days.  She will grunt and make noises until we finally figure out what she is wanting.  I need to get back on the sign language wagon to help her express her needs a little easier.

Hattie and mommy took a road trip this month to great grandma and grandpa's ranch in Indiana.  Great grandpa was moving out and grandma had chosen some special treasures for us to go pick up.  We stopped in Missouri to pick up aunt Cori and we all had a super fun girls trip.  Hattie was the best little traveler. She seriously just slept, played and talked in her seat for 10 hours both ways.  It was a September miracle!

Hattie is still in the same sizes from last month.  She is just under 18 lbs and is in the 30th % for weight, and is in the 90th % for her height.  I just moved her up to a size 3 shoe.  They are big, but the 2's were way too snug.

We had a sweet little party at our house today.  Hattie LOVED her first taste of sugar, and enjoyed opening lots of baby dolls to snuggle.  She took to one right away, and has been carrying it around all day long.

It's so strange to think that a year has come and gone since I first held this sweet little baby in my arms.  We love you so so much, Hattie.

Pictures from the past month..

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  

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Aja said...

Precious girl! This year seriously flew by. I'm so glad you guys have a girl. :) You're right- the missing piece to your sweet family puzzle! She looks like you in the 4th & 5th picture in her high chair! Can't wait to see who she looks like as she grows. We love you, Hattie girl!