Friday, August 16, 2013

NYC and a 10 month old

Hattie turned 10 months old in New York City last month!  She was the best little traveler and loved taking in all of the sights via the bjorn and stroller.

Love that smile!!

I put a bow on her stat after she was called "handsome" in this onesie.

During month 10 it seems that our baby girl got so much bigger.  She just seems more mature to me, and she understands more.  She eats pretty much anything we give her, but she STILL only has her 2 bottom teeth! This makes eating a little more difficult, as I'm not trying to administer the heimlich with every meal.  Rhett was late with teeth also, and he had several very scary choking episodes, so we'll just stick to ground up spoon-fed foods and table foods like brown rice, puffs and melts for now.  I have been giving her a few soft cheeses lately. Hattie loves havarti! She can't shovel it into her mouth fast enough.  Thankfully she's now on board with avocados too!

This past month Hattie's voice became a little raspy.  She's also had a constant clear running nose.  I'm not sure if this is tooth related or allergies (my vote is the teeth), but I hope she gets her sweet little voice back. Dallas likes her rasp.

Hattie is all over the place, and her favorite escape is to the stairs.  She can climb all of the way to the top, so I have to hustle if the gate is down and she's been out of sight for more than 30 seconds.  She laughs and thinks it hilarious when I catch her in the act.

I was super stressed about traveling to IL with all three kids on my own last month.  I just wasn't quite sure how we would pull it off.  Thankfully it was an awesome experience and all three kids were wonderful for the entire 10 hours!  Hattie especially surprised me with her good humor and attitude.  I expected a lot of crying and stopping, and I was so wrong.

This baby cakes loves the water!  Loves it.  She gets so excited to get in that she kicks and squeals and makes tight fists and straight limbs.  She splashes and chokes on water and the whole bit.  I love it.  She  gets mad because I won't let go of her and she tries with wiggle out of my arms.  I started putting her in a floaty seat, but she was drinking too much water in that thing.

She also makes the funniest noises.  She's doing it to be funny, too.  It does crack me up.  She will make a silly noise and then proudly look from face to face to see who thinks she's funny.  Her little personality is really coming out this month.  I just love it to pieces.  It's so fun to see who she is.

We are still just cruising over here.  No solo steps yet.  Looks like Rhett is the winner of walking the earliest at our house.  I think Hattie still has a few months to go.  Maybe by a year?  I'm in no hurry..I love carrying her around everywhere.  I do.

Here are some pictures from our adventure to NYC.  We really had the best trip ever, and we loved the city. Given the right circumstances, I definitely think I could live there.   We had the pleasure of staying at my cousin's apartment, and it was so cool to experience life as a New Yorker would.  We stayed on the Upper East Side, and it was an easy commute to anywhere in the city.  We really did it all. We took full advantage of public transportation (cabs, subway, train, city busses), and we felt like we had it all down by the end of our trip.  We ate pizza, italian, vendor hotdogs and pretzels, the best burger we have ever had (Shake Shack), and shopped for groceries at a little upper east side neighborhood grocer.

Did you know that New Yorkers LOVE love babies?!  I have never had so many people compliment a child and talk to her.  It was super sweet and surprising to me.  I loved that about the city!

First train ride for these two!

911 Memorial --Ground Zero

Rockefeller Plaza

Little Italy

Amityville train station

Napping through the city

Times Square

Leaving for our last Day in the City

Top of the Rock

1st plane ride

How most of our pics turned out ;)

Empire State Building in the background 

The Boathouse restaurant in Central Park 

View of the Park

Little Italy 

Ready for another subway or train!  

Here's what we saw..

Empire State Building
Times Square
Waldorf Astoria
Top of the Rock
Rockefeller Plaza
Radio City Music Hall
Chrysler Building
Madison Square Garden
Guggenheim Museum
The Met
NYC Library
China Town
Little Italy
Ground Zero (super emotional)
Wall Street
Statue of Liberty
Central park (took a nice long run in the park)
Took a train from Union Station to Long Island

It was a fun and busy month with this sweet girl.  I love that we got to take a special trip with just the three of us.  The boys were living it up with my mom in IL. They would not have been amused by all of the looking at buildings we did in NYC :).

On this trip we also spent a day in KC with friends, a day in Chicago with different friends, 5 days in IL with my family, a couple of days in MO with my dad and a day at my sister's new house in MO.  It was a busy month! Hattie had a lot of City, State and traveling firsts. She was such a joy to venture with!

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