Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer fun.

Summer has been so much fun this year.  The boys have really been busy.  I didn't compile any special bucket list of summer things to do, but when I look back through my phone pics, we've had a pretty full and fun few months.
Picking blueberries with cute little pals

Juicing.. the boys love it!  I'm going to start giving it to Hattie soon, too!  Between the boys and I we had 6 full size carrots, half a lb. of spinach, 4 oranges, 3 apples and a pineapple with one juicing experiment.  They both beg for seconds every time.  

4th of July with friends.  Whip cream wars and a firetruck spray down! 

Braves game in KC, the boys..

The girls..

Many many days at the pool..two very silly boys.

My kids are big :(.

Library music shows and summer reading program.  


Soon the kids and I will be off to KS, the QCA, Chicago, NYC, MO and back home in August!  I'm getting so excited!!!  I just started planning our NYC activities, and we plan on doing pretty much every touristy thing there is to do there.  Eeek!  Here's to a full and exciting summer!


southern belle said...

Sarah you have such a beautiful family! Bless you all! & I cant wait to see/read your hubbys devotional! Laura

Alie said...

Your family is so precious! I can't believe how grown up everyone is. Love catching up with you via the blog. ;)