Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update {Week 462}

36 weeks and counting.  These past few weeks have been a busy but good time.  We've had friends in from out of town, Rhett started Mother's day out and Hattie is making progress to meeting us face to face.

I think my body is officially done being is my husband.  Last night he told me that he hopes that she comes soon so that we can ALL stop being miserable.  What!?  Okay, so maybe I'm super tired and a little more on edge than usual, but seriously.  He almost got five across the eye for that one, and quickly realized what he said and how those may not have been the best choice of words in that moment:).  Bless his heart, he just wants his wife back.  The one who is so not so short tempered and irritable all hours of the day.

Anyhoo....Hattie is ready to come.  She told me.  In all seriousness I think she needs a few more weeks to grow in there, but I'd be fine with her coming in 2 weeks or so.  She was still measuring fairly small at my 36 week appointment.  Right under 33 weeks was their estimate.

I had gained 28 pounds up until  this week, but lost 2 pounds in the last 3 days.   I think I'm going to stop working out at this point and take it easy.  I'm never hungry anymore and I threw up this morning...out of nowhere.  With both of my boys I started losing weight (about a pound a week) at 36 weeks.  I really want her to be growing and gaining in these last few weeks, especially since she is measuring a bit small.

I was dilated to a 2 at my appointment this week, so I'm happy that some progress is being made.  My doctor said that we can schedule an induction for the 39th week, so that means I would only have two and a half weeks to go, but I'm on the fence.  I've never wanted to be induced, but it sure would make things easier having two other kids at home who I have to arrange care for.  My boys were both 10 days early on their own and they never made it to their induction date, so I will probably go ahead and schedule it and pray she comes when she's ready.  Either way, I'm just ready to see her sweet face!

This pic will have to serve as my 36 week photo..

My sweet friends from college got together this past weekend and we went out to celebrate Hattie.  Sarah treated me to a pedicure, and Aja, Nina and I went out to eat and spent the night reminiscing and chatting it up.  It was wonderful.  We don't get this opportunity often, so it was really special.  They also showered me with special gifts and I was so overwhelmed by all of their sweetness.  Love these girls!  

I mentioned that Rhett started mom's day out.  He did, and it's the cutest.  He sort of has a love/hate relationship with the concept of school, but overall he has done really well.  He wakes up early and tells me that he doesn't want to go to school, but once he's there he has so much fun.  He has been coming home singing songs and doing cute little motions.  The other day he told me that, "R.E.D. spells red".  Here are some pics of his first day..

This silly.  

His breakfast of choice was a sausage biscuit and o.j. from McDonalds.  

He's not so sure about this anymore.  

I'm getting really excited for the cooler weather that's heading our way.  Once Hattie is here I can't wait to enjoy a hot beverage on the back porch and snuggle my girl in a cozy blankie.  I love it!  

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