Saturday, September 1, 2012

A player at heart

I love this picture.  It pretty much sums up the joy this kid has for the game of baseball.  Everyday when his daddy gets home the question is always the same, "Can we play some ball, dad?"  I love that he loves something this much at such a young age.  He has a passion for it, a drive, and it's so fun to see that in him.  It's nothing we've forced on him, it's just in him.  I also love that his daddy never turns him down for a game of catch.  

I heart #33.

Have I ever mentioned on here how much I love Jude's little gullet?  I do, and frankly, I will cry when it is gone.  It keeps him a baby to me just a little bit longer.  It is shrinking, as he slowly becomes gigantic on me, but I love the above pic because you can see it. 

He had such a great first season.  I'm so thankful we didn't rush into t-ball last year.  Dallas didn't want to start him off too early, and I think it was the right call.  This year coach pitch was a success.  Looking forward to many more years of watching my boy from the bleachers.  

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