Monday, September 17, 2012

Still pregnant {37 weeks}

Well, this time last week I was convinced Hattie was well on her way, now I'm not so sure.  She may stay in there forever.  These seem to be the weeks where time stands still.  Everything has gone so fast up until this point.  I need a distraction!  All of the rooms in my house are decorated now and I have nothing left to do, so let's have this baby already!

I went to the hospital on Saturday night after a super low kick count.  I really wasn't concerned, but I called my doctor as I was instructed to do, and after I had taken all home measures to get her to move (o.j., sugary treats, and oh yeah, a taco), and he (dr. on call) told me to go into labor and delivery and be monitored just to be safe.  It was nearly midnight and Rhett was awake with an awful barking cough, so I ended up going by myself to labor and delivery so that we didn't have to bother our neighbors for a sitter.  By the time I got there and was all checked in, she was moving all over the place.  I told the nurse, but they still had to monitor me (for 3 stinking hours) and report back to the doctor.  After we determined everything was just fine, I was so tired and worn out.  It was nice to hear her little heartbeat for so long, and to see all of the contractions I was having, as proof, on paper.  They also checked me and I was glad to know that I was 60% effaced.  I was not effaced at all as of last Tuesday, but was dilated to a 2.  The nurse explained a lot to me.  Apparently with your first pregnancy you efface first, or as you dilate, but with subsequent pregnancies it happens after, and sometimes all at once.  Who knew?!  Oh, my nurse was the very same nurse that I had when we first checked into the hospital with Jude, Cathy.  It was fun to catch up with her!

I'm just so excited to meet this baby girl.  I can't wait to see her face and snuggle her in my arms.  I can't wait for the boys to see her for the first time.  I can just imagine Rhett's excitement and sweet demeanor.  One of my very favorite first moments with my boys was looking into their little eyes for the first time.  I talk to them right away because I assume they will recognize my voice and be comforted from all of the scariness of what they've just been through.  AHHH, I can't wait!  What and who will she look like? The anticipation is almost too much!

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