Friday, September 14, 2012

Big boy room {#2}

Poor Rhett...this room has been a while in the making.  I think I started it last fall, so let's not do the math on that.  My style, and budget require time to collect and gather just the right stuff.  I didn't care to fill his room with a bunch of matchy unnecessary things.  I wanted just the right pieces that are grown up enough, yet still young enough for him to enjoy now.  This room will be with us for a while, so I want to make it count!

I just got the monogrammed pillows back today.  They were the last decorative item I was really waiting on.  Pillows are my love language.  There are no less than 6 on every bed in this joint.  

I'm still up in the air on the headboard.  My plan as of late was to make a white linen headboard trimmed with silver nailhead.  However, I'm really digging the vintage iron headboards i'm seeing in magazines, so I'm keeping an eye out and my options open.  

Giraffe growth chart has been around the block.  It was handed down to us when Jude was a baby from the family I nannied for in college.  The little bear ottoman and lion head also came from that family.  I love them all!  

These vintage milk crates are my favorite!  I picked them up at a flea market in IL and added the casters  to them.  We have one in Hattie's room too.  They are perfect for housing all of Rhett's little loves.  

The artwork on the wall are original Martin boy canvas abstracts.  We painted them in IL when Rhett was 10 months old.  If you look closely you can see his little toe prints:).  Both are signed with tiny handprints on the back, of course.  

If you ever see a globe at a garage sale or flea market, buy it.  Don't hesitate.  I love them and have them all over my house.  They are so fun and colorful and add so much to any space.  My mom collected most of these for Rhett last year when I started his room.  

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