Tuesday, July 10, 2012

27 weeks!

Que the hallelujah chorus for the last trimester!  Wait, does that start this week or next...either way, it's close and I'm excitedaboutit!

This little baby is growing!  My tummy is feeling very heavy, as is the rest of me.  I've gained about 15lbs., and am right on target with my pregnancy with Rhett.  I'm starting to feel chubby in my face, arms, and shoulders (is that weird to be fat in your shoulders? :)).  I can feel the fluid in different places in my body.  It's so strange, but it's very cool too.  What a miracle this all is.  I'm sort of taking it all in this one last time.  It's surreal to be pregnant with the last babe, you just want to soak it all in.  It's hard to believe that I won't do this again.  It's the end of a stage of my life...a little sad, but also exciting for the next stage to begin.

I've still been trying to exercise as much as possible, but frankly, I want no part of the heat or the sun.  I'm lathered up in 50 sunscreen anytime we go to the pool, and I still just get too much sun.  Laps indoors make me gag, and so this leaves the treadmill.  I tried to go on them at the gym today only to realize that I forgot my earbuds.  Everyone knows you can't workout on the treadmill if you can't watch t.v., so that was that.  I joined in on a barbell class instead and OH.MY.WORD.  First, I was totally embarrassed, and second, I had to straddle a step-board, maneuver a barbell and lay flat on my back.  It was awkward. It was  dually awkward when my neighbor was there and informed me that the girl I was consulting with about if it was okay for preggo chics to take the class was just a random participant, and not in fact the instructor, as I thought.  Oh well, she was very helpful in giving me tips on how to make it a comfortable workout for me:).  Funny.

I get full really easily.  Like the room is gone in my stomach even when I want to eat more.  I guess that's good, but sometimes I want dessert!  I eat it anyway, and then I am miserable.  I'm trying to eat healthy, and mostly only healthy things sound good.  It's hard for me to get all of my protein, so lately I've taken to smoothies from Lifetime.  One smoothie has 38 grams of protein!!  My doctor wants me to have 80 grams a day, so that's nearly half in one drink.  Katie, I'll have to bring you one for breakfast one day:). 

Hattie's room is done!  We put up the finishing touches this weekend, so I'll post some pics soon!  I'm sure I'll add some things here and there as I find them, but for now it's donezo!  Now, if only I could get the finishing touches on Rhett's big boy room.  I'm taking full advantage of the nesting stage to whip this house into shape.  By the time she is born, everything should be done around here:).  I'm working on getting an office put together as well, and it's no easy task.  I just want it done.

Can we talk for a minute about how ridiculously expensive girl's clothes are?  I mean, goodness...I could easily spend $100 for 3 things at the gap...for a baby..who will outgrow it in three weeks.  I just refuse to get caught up in it.  Thankfully Target has so many cute options and they are like $8 bucks.  Old Navy and Crazy 8 seem to be much more reasonable as well.  I just have to remember to watch for sales and buy in the off seasons.  I'm a little overwhelmed by the clothes situation this go round.  We had SO so many hand-me-downs with the boys that I literally had to buy nothing!  I also had showers for them, so you always get scads of clothes at those as well.  We are all on our own this time, and it's so strange to start from scratch.  I'm sure this is what every other parent feels like when they have a different gender baby, but it's weird to be feeling it with the third.  With Rhett I just whipped out the tubs and washed all of Jude's old stuff.

Well, here's a pic of my every-growing belly at 27 weeks (let me just say that my stomach seem half this size today.)...
Don't I look thrilled to be out in the heat in a SWEATER!  Seriously, you can't win here.  Blistery outside, frigid inside.  Don't even get me started on what it's doing to my hair.  

Here's one from today..just for comparison sake.  Okay, so maybe not half the size:). 


Aja said...

That cardi is perfect for water retention in you shoulders! ;) HA! That seriously cracked me up!

You look so great! I can't believe you guys are in the 3rd trimester already! It's flown by.

I was thinking you might want to borrow some of Evie's clothes.. ?? No idea if we'll have another girl or not, but even if we do, what's the big deal? We'll talk. I have a feeling you'll want dibs on all the really frilly, pink stuff I was gifted from certain people. :)

katie@tulsadetails said...

Sarah!!! You are seriously too freaking cute!!! You look awesome!!

I may have to become a lifetime member just for protein my cheese and yogurt didn't cut it! Tonight I'm headed to the store for eggs, turkey bacon and chicken sausage! Hope to see you soon!!

amanda torres said...

You are super cute! Enjoy this last trimester, heat and all. It's so worth it!

Sharstin said...

k--so you look so gorgeous! love your itty bump