Wednesday, July 18, 2012

28 weeks {diabetes, kick counts & epidurals}

So, this little baby is officially large and in charge!  When she moves I can feel her all of the way down by my pelvis and up by my ribs at the same time..all sprawled out and comfy in there, I suppose.  I have been feeling great, just a little pressure the past few days or so.  Some stretching is taking place, but I am so hoping to avoid more stretch marks this go round.  Rhett didn't give me any, but I got two good size souvenirs from Jude. 

My appointment this morning went well.  NO gestational diabetes, no weight gain, it's officially time to start counting kicks, sign up for my epidural, and visit the doc every 2 weeks.  It's all winding down from here!  

This week I have enjoyed passing Hattie's room and peeking in every time I go upstairs.  The boys like for me to read to them in the chair in there {guess how much I love you is their favorite right now}, so we've been doing that from time to time.  It feels like a peaceful space to me.  I love it.  

I FINALLY got Rhett's baby album done.  I do one for the firsts until they are one.  Jude's I made by hand {totally old-school, and no, nobody can see it because I might be embarrassed by my lack of craftiness}, but Rhett's was all done on Shutterfly.  Thanks to Aja for gifting me the album online.  It seriously took me forever to locate all of the pics from day one and upload everything, but thankfully Dallas had a system on a thumb-drive and I found everything I needed.  I really wanted this done before baby makes the scene, so this was a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I'm so thankful for coupon expiration dates, how would I get things completed without them?!

Our friends from Austin will be in town this week, and we are so excited to spend some time with them.  Shout out to my friend Sarah, who gifted Hattie with a gift card to Lifetime from Whitney.  Apparently they both have a love for a good Mocha Madness protein shake:). She's the sweetest!  Hattie also got her first jammies from Aja this past week.  Yay, she'll have something to sleep in.  Thanks girls for being so thoughtful!  Love you! 

We are preparing for cousins this week!  Cohl and Micah are coming from IL for a week, and then we will take them to my other sister in Dallas for 10 days.  We are all so excited to spend a lot of time together.  Nobody on my side of the family has ever seen me this preggo before, so I'm excited for them to know this side of me:).  We will see everyone again in August, so they will get the real picture then!  

28 Weeks with Hattie 

Um, yea, so this is a pic of me heading into delivery with Rhett at 38 weeks (I literally delivered him like 20 minutes after this pic was taken).  Does my stomach not look about the same size (maybe bigger!) as this 28 weeks...10 weeks difference?!  I might be in for some stretch marks yet:).  

Rhett was bitty though, so maybe our Hattie girl will be the chunky babe I was.  

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!  


Aja said...

Holy smokes, 2 week visits already?? Man! And she has seriously grown- your belly looks bigger than when I saw you last week! She'll be here so soon!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You look awesome, Sarah! I'm at the doctor today doing the three hour glucose test. Apparently, I failed the first one miserably! Prayers for good results on this one :)!

Brandi said...

U were tiny w Rhett!! U look great now too. I was huge when I was preggers!!