Friday, August 3, 2012

In the 30's, little swimmers and summer's end

Week 30

First I want to start off by saying that I really could care less if I get stretch marks.  After I posted about it last time I felt incredibly selfish.  Of all of the things that could go wrong, stretch marks are seriously no big thing to me.

Holy braxton hicks batman.  I feel like I felt the day before I went into labor with Rhett..already.  My doctor said it is normal for these to intensify the more kids you have.  He's not surprised that I'm experiencing a ton of pressure and hardening in my tummy with number 3.  I on the other hand don't care to feel like labor is starting every other night.

Somehow Hattie is measuring small at 30 weeks.  You wouldn't know it from the pic above, but she is barely measuring at 29 weeks.  He said we would keep an eye on it to make sure she continues to grow, but she has been measuring right on target up until this visit.  This of course is all determined very scientifically (by using a soft measuring tape and measuring from my pelvic bone to the top of my baby bump while I lay on my back.).  I'm not too concerned:).

At my 32 week visit we will do another in-depth ultrasound (just like the one I did at 22 weeks).  I haven't seen her in nearly 10 weeks!  She is supposed to be around 15" long and 3 pounds right now.

I was super irritated to find out that a new couple at church was having her baby any day and also naming her Hattie.  Obviously I don't own the name, but I just didn't care for her to have another Hattie in her very first class ever and already have to be called "Hattie M".  Well, they had the baby this week and they named her Haddy, which is totally a different name, right?! :).  Either way, we are sticking with's her name.

Little swimmer

Three weeks ago Rhett took a plunge into the pool and just took off swimming..under water and all on his own.  It was amazing.  I had sort of given up hopes for him to swim this summer, but he surprised us and is a little fish now.  He jumps in the deep end and will swim half way across the pool.  The only problem is that he doesn't come up for breaths, so I have to make sure to pull him up to breath from time to time.  It will come to him.  We are getting ready to spend a week at my mom's where we will swim every day all day, so I expect him to be swimming freestyle by the time we leave.  Not too shabby for a 2 year old!  This kid is always surprising us being bigger than he has to be.

Rhett had his 6 month echo follow-up last week, and the cardiologist said that his valve looks nearly normal!  She still categorized as trivial and said that he needs to come back in one year from now.  At that appointment they will determine if he ever has to be seen for this issue again..ever!  Such a miracle. Praise God!  

Summer's End...

We are wrapping up our summer with a nice long trip to IL to see my mom.  We are so excited to have a week with her and to get out of the crazy 115 degree temps in OK.  The forecast for IL is in the high 80's next week.  I should probably take a sweater:).

Jude went to a cute little music camp a few weeks ago and had a blast.  We will definitely sign up again next year.  He learned all about Faith and it was great!  He's still singing all of the little songs.

This kid will be in kindergarten in just a few short weeks.  We are excited to go school supply shopping and get all the goodies.  I love school supplies!  He is excited to find out who his teacher is and I think he is excited to get back to school.  He likes to learn and be challenged.  We worked on letters yesterday and he could have done it all day.  He just soaks it all in.  I will miss him all day long.  I sort of wish kinder was half days still.  He's begging to ride the bus, but Dallas and I both agree that he's just too small and neither of us are ready for that.  I will take and pick him up as long as I possibly can.  I will walk him into his classroom as long as he will let me as least until Jr. High:).  

Happy August!  Try to stay cool as summer winds down with it's hottest month.  

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Aja said...

How did I miss this post? SO relieved to hear that other couple named their baby Haddy! Whew! :)
Hope you guys are having fun in IL!