Thursday, May 24, 2012


A girl who works in the Children's area at our church was running a red hot special on kid's photo shoots for the month of May.  She is building her experience with kids in her photography.  I must say, she was great with them!  It helped that they already know her, they were comfortable right off the bat.

Here are the sneaks she sent last night...

I love them!  It was so windy and sand was blowing in everyone's eyes, but you would never know.  I would have been happy with one good pic.  It's really just a miracle to get one pic where both boys are cooperating.

On a related note, someone told me the other day that my boys look like twins.  She said if the small one was bigger, they would be twins.  I really couldn't disagree more.  Besides the blonde hair and blue eyes, they are so different to me.  I guess because I know every detail of every feature, I don't see the similarities, but it's so strange to me how people see things differently.  I guess they could be more hair and dark eyes.  People used to tell my sisters they looked like twins, and they look nothing alike to me.  It's just weird. This makes having a third child so interesting.. will she look like Jude, like Rhett, a mix of both?  Can't wait to find out!

Anyway, can't wait to see how the rest of our pics turned out.  I always love the suspense of photo shoots.  I generally leave feeling like we didn't get much, but end up being happily surprised.


amanda torres said...

I had the opportunity to spend the morning with Jude at Super Kids Day. He, Mason, and Will were so cute together. You have such a special boy on your hands. Loved getting to know his personality. He was quite polite and super athletic.

Sharstin said...

these are so great! how cute are your kiddos!!