Monday, May 14, 2012

Mudder's Day

This Mother's Day was a special one.  My first as a mom of three.  My sweet husband and kids showered me with gifts, sweet gestures and lots of attention.  Jude was so excited to give me the gift he made for me at school.. a beaded bracelet.  It was so sweet to see him so excited to gift me with something special.  He also made a beautiful card that I will keep forever.  Rhett ran into my room as soon as he woke up and screamed, "Happy Mudder's Day, momma!"  He was so excited.  Love him.  

Baby Bump

My tummy is really pooching this week, especially at the end of the day.  Rhett was kind enough to take a pic with me since I don't like taking pictures of alone:).  He's a turkey.  Check out my cool bracelet that Jude made for me.  It has a clasp and everything!


Blroberts5 said...

I would like to be added to be able to see your blog when you go private. My email is and my blog is

I love your blog and you kiddos are super cute! Congrats on the little wee one baking!


Sharstin said...

i want in girly!-
ok--your bump is itty and tine--and you look so great!~
so glad you had a great mothers day with your babes!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You look great and your tiny bump is so super cute! So excited that baby girl is official!!!!