Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Miss and a graduate!

My little gal is growing!  In the morning my tummy seems almost normal sized, and by the end of the day it is so big.  I don't think I mentioned on here that my OB went ahead and did an unexpected ultrasound last week. Still a girl!  We went ahead with painting the nursery and a few accessories this last weekend since it seemed more official.  It was nice to do a project.  I'm really not buying a lot for her little space.  I'm trying to repurpose and recreate using what I have.  It's fun!  Pretty much anything I've purchased has been from a yard sale, flea market or craigslist.  I love making these pieces my own.

Rhett has strep-throat and had a miserable last few days.  I wasn't feeling so hot myself, so we went to the OB this morning and got a little strep test and urinalysis done on moi.   I was having some really strange back and stomach pains all night on Sunday.  It was nothing I've really experienced before.  I couldn't even explain it because it was such a strange feeling.  The nurse was thinking kidneys or gal bladder.  No results yet.  I tell you what, I have really struggled with fear this pregnancy, and I'm done with it.  I refuse to live in fear and anxiety.  The devil is a liar, and I am tired of it.  I am praying peace over myself and renewed faith.  Life over Hattie, and God's protection as she grows.  It's amazing how God's peace overwhelms you.  I love it.  His peace is a mantle over me and my household.  It was just over a year ago when my sister lost her third baby, Naomi Faith.  I'm certain that being so close to such a great loss has shaken me, but I will not allow my faith to waiver.  God is in control, and for that I am so very thankful.

I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and I have gained about 6-7 lbs.  This changes based on the day.  I keep waiting for a big weight gain between dr. visits.  I know it's coming, it's just a matter of when. I started feeling her move around 17.5 weeks.  It was very faint little flutters or quickening, but it was definitely her!   She moves more frequently and forceful now, but Dallas has yet to feel her.  I have such a long torso, I think she just has so much room to move around in there.  She is still under my belly button though.

I really can't believe we are already at 20 weeks.  The heat of the summer should slow these weeks down a bit.  Honestly, I hope they do.  My boys will be so big in the fall, and I'm just not ready for that. Jude is through with school tomorrow and I'm so excited!  He has his Pre-K graduation this evening.  I can't believe I have a kindergartner on my hands!  He has grown up so much this year and I'm so very proud of him.  I can't wait to see him toss that little hat.  He's already asked if he can wear a tie tonight.  Yes buddy, this is tie worthy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Here's some weekend pics of our little fam...

Started the weekend out with a quick visit from grandpa! 

Graduation party for our buddy Grant!  I can't believe he's headed to college this fall! So proud of him and the man he has become.  His momma is looking down from Heaven one proud woman.  

I just thought the boys were funny in this one...

TU boy!  

The three most handsome boys I've ever met! 

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Aja said...

Yay Jude! Seriously- how is he about to be a kindergartner?? Can't wait to see Hattie's nursery!
I'll be praying for His peace to wash over you. Don't let the devil steal your joy during this special time!