Sunday, February 6, 2011

More talking!!!

Rhett has been talking up a storm this past week.  He's been trapped inside all day everyday with this blizzard, so he probably figured he might as well work on some milestones.

Here's what I can recall...
mine, no, doggy, bite (bye), eye (pointing to his eye), hair, mommy (he usually says momma and I've found this is a slippery slope to just plain 'mom', daddy (formerly dada), eat, more, Jude, G, nana, papa, Austin (Au-in), Cole (dole), thank you (says it and signs it at the same time along with eat and more) bath (baa), peek-a-boo (teet a too), buba, night night, bye-bye, yummy and ball.

I'm sure there are more, but this is what's coming to mind this late at night.  He and Jude have well-baby check-ups and shots tomorrow, so I want to be prepared to give a full report on how many words he is saying when I'm asked.  I usually get ambushed and am counting words on my hands and finding myself adding a few for good measure just to make sure he's in the right category and thinking to myself, "self, surely he could say that if he really tried!"  I watched an episode of modern family recently when Mitch and Cam took their daughter Lilly to a play center and Mitch was super competitive with Lilly's motor skills. He stole another kids blocks when the instructor came by to make it seem that Lilly had stacked the blocks on her own.  He would have succeeded scot-free if it weren't for the pesky video cameras that were revealed.  I cannot confirm or deny that I would do something like this, but we all want our kids to be the best and brightest and most advanced as they can be.  Fortunately my sweet boys are perfect just they way they are!  We are blessed!

So, Jude will be 4 tomorrow. What?!?  How is this possible that he is 4 years old already?  He is just so sweet and perfect in every way.  I love him so much that I can't even express what this love feels like.  It almost hurts.  I just want the very best for him, to give him everything he deserves, to teach him to be the best person he can be.  He has overly exceeded every expectation we had for our first baby boy!!!  He is so compassionate, so loving, so full of life and energy and he is!

Jude also loves Jesus.  He has been memorizing scripture versus the last few weeks and he is so quick to pick them up!  I make a flash card every week and add it to a single binder ring for him (I have one for bible study and he always wants to play with it so I knew he would want one to show the versus he's learned) I just love that he's starting his journey to know God's word so young.  Here's what he can recite from memory, reference and all....

A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17
The Lord has led me.  Genesis 24:27
Come follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men.  Mark 1:17
Love the Lord your God with all your heart.  Matthew 22:37

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