Sunday, February 20, 2011

More fun, better parties....that's the power of Home Depot!!!

Jude had his 4th Birthday Party at The Home Depot this weekend.  It was tool-themed and so fun and adorable!  We invited 15 of his little friends and 15 were able to come!

The party was held in a training room at Home depot.  Each child got an orange Home Depot apron, a kit to build, a hammer, nails and glue to put it all together.  The boys built a tiered shelf and the girls built a heart-shaped shelf.  They had so much fun putting it all together and the parents did a lot of building too:).

After the building workshop we opened presents and had some yummy cupcakes...Home depot orange!  We heart Sam's club cake and cupcakes at our house.  I sometimes contemplate ordering a sheet cake to have around the house, but I know that will end badly...with me eating the entire thing.  So, I take full advantage come B'day time.  You can't beat 30 cupcakes for $12.97!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the party and it was perfectly timed.  The party started at 10a.m. and was over by 11:15.  I was thoroughly impressed with the kindness and generosity of the Home Depot employees. They assigned a Party Host to us, Dan, who got us everything we needed and helped me set up.  The best part, the kicker...Home Depot foot the bill for the entire party!!!  They provided all of the kits, aprons, tools and the room for free!  I just brought in my own decorations and cake.  They even had a helium tank and inflated our balloons for free.  Talk about a bargain of a party, especially for 15 kids.  We will definitely be revisiting this party idea for Rhett in a few years:).

I can't believe this precious boy is 4 already.  Time really does fly when you have kids!

Jude, I want you to know how special you are.  You are loving, sweet, compassionate, mature beyond your years, smart and a great helper!  Dr. Henley told me at your 4-year appointment that you are so bright, he thought you could skip pre-k and start Kindergarten.  Your loving heart continues to amaze me. You overheard me telling Grandma a story on the phone one day about a little boy named Jace who had been abused.  Your little ears should not have heard, but when I turned around and looked at you there were crocodile tears streaming down your cheeks.  You were silently crying in your seat.  I asked you what was wrong and you said, "I'm just sad for Jace." We prayed for him until the day he died, and I was shocked at your compassion for that little boy, a boy you didn't even know.  You are always asking to pray for your friends, family and people we've come across through the food pantry at church.  Just tonight I listened to you pray for great-grandma, "Lord, touch great-grandma cause she lost her hip." I pray that God will keep that compassion for others burning in your heart.  That you will love others and care about people the way Jesus does.  You have changed my world completely and I love you so much.  My love for you goes up to the stars and down to the the moon and back, as far as the east is from the west! Oh, and great-grandma didn't lose her hip, but did have surgery:).

Here are a few shots of you, Chipper Jones, making a cake on your actual b'day a few weeks ago...

Snowed in during the blizzard....cleats and all!  


Aja said...

Yay! It turned out great!!! That's amazing that they provided so much fun stuff for the kids!

Happy Birthday Jude!! Love you!!

Megan B said...

That's awesome - what a fun party!