Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dallas Martin....Pitcher of the year and President's cup recipient...

I came across these articles online today and remembered how much I LOVED watching Dal play ball.  I was not a sports fan (that's changed over the years), but there was just something about watching him pitch, he was amazing!

Golden Eagles' Martin in middle of transition | Tulsa World

I loved sitting in the bleachers, soaking up the sun and waiting to see him come in and rock the game in the last 2 innings.  He really did have a power about him.  He did his job, and did it well!  Love him!

I hope that our boys have the opportunity to play college ball.  Not for the scholarship, but for the experience.  Dallas built great friendships through sports and had amazing opportunities to travel.  He went all over the States for baseball, even Hawaii!


Megan B said...

I wish I could have seen them play - I bet it was fun! You guys look cute in that pic :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Megan! I wish you would have been there too. We would have had so much fun chatting it up in the bleachers for 6 hour double-headers!