Tuesday, July 9, 2013

He is Faithful

Nearly two years ago we went through the scariest time of our lives with our sweet Rhett. It doesn't seem like it's been that long.  God saw us through the fear and and anxiousness, and He gave us a peace like neither Dallas or I had experienced before.  We were ready to conquer anything with Him by our side.  We imagined every possible scenario for Rhett's life, and we imagined complete healing as well.  We prayed, and you prayed, and churches in other cities prayed and we all agreed for healing.  We saw a drastic improvement and healing in his severely enlarged heart just a little over a month after we got the news of trouble.  Three months later, his heart had healed more.  6 months after that it seemed like nothing to worry about, and then a year later there continued to be good news from his echocardiograms..he was down to a mild-trivial level.  This morning he had his annual echo and ekg and I'm not a bit surprised to share with you that Rhett has a heart fully functioning at a NORMAL level.  With the regurgitation of any other child his age.  He was released from his annual appointments, and will go every five years to make sure there are no issues that arise from the Kawasaki business. God is so good.  He has been so very faithful to complete the work that He started in Rhett.  We knew he would be completely healed, it just feels so wonderful to have the report from the doctor as well.  Proof!  Our God still does miracles, and no one could ever convince me otherwise!

Read more about Rhett's journey with Kawasaki's Disease, enlarged heart, severe mitral valve issues and God's healing power  here, herehere, here, here and here.

Dal took him this morning and the rest of us met them there and got the good news in the parking lot.  Rhett had a lot to say about his appointment today..

"All of the good doctors were nice to me. They didn't give me any shots."

"They put glue on my tummy", me, "You mean goo?", "No, glue, and then stickers."

"They weighed how tall I was first"

"They told me to take my shirt off and I loved it."

"There were Ten-hundred toys to pick..sticky hands, balls, stickers..." 

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