Tuesday, April 30, 2013

7 months

Ms. Hattie is 7 months old.  Actually she's nearly 8 months, but we'll just all pretend this is happening on time.  In her seventh month Hattie really started to understand eating solids.  She has loved it all!  She has had avocado, winter squash, carrots, corn, blueberries, plums and sweet potatoes.  She likes to wait until I have the food in her mouth, and then blows a giant raspberry all over the joint.  She's gotten a little neater in the last few weeks and opens her mouth wide for bites.

She has really shown no interest in crawling during this month and is content to just sit up and play with her toys. Toys..she love to play with anything that is not an actual toy.  Keys, necklaces, sunglasses, cell phones.  She loves them all.

She is on a much better napping routine and HAS BEEN SLEEPING IN HER BED ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  We let her cry it out one night and it took about 30 minutes.  Some days she cries and some days she just goes right to sleep now.  It's like a new life we are living around here.  The pack and play is officially out of our room and stored away.  She takes all naps in her room now.  She takes a good 2 hour nap in the morning if I play my cards right.

Here are some pictures from this months adventures with our sweet girl!

First food experience. Avocado!  

Reading her new book from Dr. H


Loved the bouncer this month!


Ohhh..grass!  She loved it! 

She is still wearing a size three diaper, and is in mostly 6 month clothes now.  She never wears shoes anymore.  She has started talking more and is grabbing everything in sight.  She loves to watch her brothers play.  They are sweet to try to console her when she is upset.  She is just getting more and more fun by the day!  

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Aja said...

She looks so big in these pics! Cutie patootie!!