Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!!!

I read this on Friday and man did it strike me.  Literally and figuratively, it really smacked me in the face. When I read it I read that there's a struggle (Friday), it may be hard, ugly, unbearable or unimaginable, but guess what?? Sunday is coming. Freedom, redemption, grace, peace, joy, victory and every other lovely thing our Lord and Savior brings to the table.  If you can make it through the storm, the rainbow is just ahead. Also, just the literal meaning that Jesus died for me.  That he had me and my sin and my redemption on His mind when He went to the cross...seriously.  AND the miracle of Him being raised from the dead. Wow. This was more of an emotional Easter for me than most.  I guess as I draw nearer to Christ my mind and heart are ever changing.  Duh.

I sat down with Jude on Friday and I wrote on the palm of his little hand.  Just one simple name.  JUDE.  I told him that each time he saw that name on his hand to think about how our names are written on the palms of the hands of Jesus.  How when He died on the cross and was pierced through His palms, He was thinking of Jude.  He was preparing a way to forgive Jude of his sins and how great His love is for him, that He would do what He did.  When we finished our bedtime prayers I looked down at my sweet, sensitive boy and his eyes were filled with tears.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Nothing, I'm just thinking about how Jesus died on the cross for me, and how He's thinking of me."  I love that God has a hold of my boy's heart already. On Sunday Jude opened a card from Grandpa with $10 in it.  He was so excited to see a $10 dollar bill, and he said, "Hey mom, can I give this in the offering today?"  I mean, my heart is mush.

So thankful that my Jesus is Risen and that we are on the palms of His hands!  That He loves me, thinks about me, forgives me, guides me, grieves with me and prepares a way for me.  What a blessing. Happy Easter!

Me and Mine Easter 2013

1st Easter for this gal!  

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Aja said...

So precious! I love that- writing Jude's name on his hand. I've never heard of doing that. Such a great, tangible way to show our kids God's love. You guys look beautiful!